Monday, December 22, 2008

Evening in Bandra continues...

High on 2008!

Menu Selection Commitee

Saturday, December 20, 2008

An evening in Bandra - the secret lives of Team

The team got together at Barbeque Nation, Bandra to celebrate. We as of now are not sure what we were celebrating!

But we discovered some strange and yet unknown facts about people we work with. For example we realized Madhu could fly, that Urmila is a supporter of a certain political party and can get you wiped off the face of earth, Mohnish is not really Mohnish but a closet something from a certain neighbouring state, Rohit is actually quite flirty and nice, Priyanka is a secret 'look after nephews' aunt, Vipul stares and laughs when drunk and starts talking non tech too, Nikita does not drink in public! Manoj does not mind drinking like a fish, Dev likes to talk to his drink, Ram loves spicy mushrooms and exotic English veggies, Swati fights with Coke and calls it rum, Susmita changes plates when fishes jump off the grill and land on her side of the table, Nikesh gets lost on a straight road and changes seats often, Amar Singh gets high on mocktails too, Nirmal eats noodles with gulab jamuns. And I take pictures that are really bad.

We promise more dope and pics as the get passed along by the people who were not drunk.

Rohit & Madhu

Urmila, Nikita & Priyanka


Madhu, Urmila & Nikita

Rohit & Ram

Mohnish, Dev & Vipul

Mohnish & Vipul


Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome Star One and Star Plus on

Yesterday was one of the most remarkable days in the life of Networks. Two of the most popular channels in the Indian television industry - Star One and Star Plus went live with shows that made history - Koffee With Karan, Laughter Challenge, Kyun Ki..., Sanjeevani and so on. Now people who miss these serials and talk shows can catch them on the 6500+ widgets and on the portals. They can forward these shows to their friends via email and IMs and also comment and rate their shows.

Team's RSS (Rajiv, Swati, Shalin) feed were in Bengaluroo with the Star TV team setting things up and ensuring they met their ambitious deadline of going live before they left for Mumbai. These guys made Susmita jump around so much that it was making the rest of us nervous about the health of the office building. All said and done - it was a fantastic feeling to see here in Mumbai show after show go live without any hitches. Great job RSS.

And thank you Ram, Rohit, Vipul, Vikas, Dev, Nikesh, Nitin and Deepak for the excellent support from behind the scenes. You guys deserve a great communal hug!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mumbai Meri Jaan along supports the thought that 'Together we can, and together we will' defeat terror. At nine tonight we go live with a special film on MirchMasala channel called Together We Can. We also have the film live across our network.

This film has been created by WizCraft and features our Prime Minister along with prominent personalities like Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Sachin Tendulkar amongst others.

We hope that this film will inspire millions of Indian across the world who watch the videos on our network to make that little bit of effort to ensure that the country does not suffer anymore at the hands of the people who want us to be scared and live in the shadow of terror.

~Team Networks

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jaago Re via will go live with the JaagoRe TVC on the Mirch Masala, SaptaRangi, Vibe and Originals channels on the network.

These channels have video content ranging from Yoga, Cooking, Lifestyle to Music and Animation. The audience of the Network comprises largely of people between the ages of 16 to 34. This audience comprises of the SEC A + category and is the one that is known to stay away from the elections and takes a passive look at India and its problems. By running the video ad that encourages this audience to wake up hopes to contribute to building awareness and hopes that its audience that watches online video will be inspired to click and register to vote in the next General Elections.

An example of the effect of the internet in election campaigns has recently been seen in the US elections. President Elect Obama's strategy to attract the younger audience using non traditional means of reaching out paid dividends. Researchers have shown that more and more people who are now eligible to vote are online and prefer to get their information via online videos, blogs and on the mobile. Network reaches close to 4.5 million unique IPs across the world everyday through its widget network. More than 20 million videos are watched everyday on the network making it one of the largest video distribution platforms in the world.

The JaagoRe campaign has been brought to the platform by Janagraha - a NGO involved in getting people interested in registering for the election and creating awareness on the importance to vote. Thank you Aditya Challa, Jasmine and Cherly for responding to our mails.

Monday, November 24, 2008

the rest of the gang. still one missing tho

dev and vikas

L - R
nitin,dev,nikesh,vipul and rohit

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Look Channels

Presenting the new look logos for's Channels:

Thank you Carlton.

Coming Soon : Times Now

Times Now becomes the first News Channel to go live on

Times Now will start with shows like News Hour, No Full Stops and Foodie and expand its offering in the coming weeks. Eventually we hope to have an hourly new update from Times Now. Starting midnight 19 Nov 2008 the channel will be live across all 6000+ widgets and the home site.

With Times Now coming on board Networks offering is well rounded with all aspects of video content from India being covered. 20% of's publishers are bloggers who cover serious topics ranging from news, analysis, finance etc. Times Now will make it possible for them to serve relevant video content for their readers. The publishers of the Widget can select the kind of content they want to feature on their webpages using features like iNautanki.

Sunil Nair, CEO of Nautanki. tv Networks said that with Times Now available on the widgets at places where the internet audience already exists would mean greater dissemination of news to a wired generation leading to the birth of a new exciting opportunity for advertisers who wish to target this audience with their TVCs.


About Times Now:

TIMES NOW is a Leading 24-hour English News channel that provides the Urbane viewers the complete picture of the news that is relevant, presented in a vivid and insightful manner, which enables them to widen their horizons & stay ahead.
TIMES NOW is brought to you by Times Global Broadcasting Co. Ltd., a Bennett, Coleman & Co service. They operate out of Mumbai, with presence in 15 other cities through our Bureaus and offices, complemented by the news gathering teams of The Times of India and The Economic Times.

About's mission is to help people find and enjoy the world's premium video content when, where and how they want it. is an online entertainment broadcast platform that offers TV channels, content producers and film makers a way to bring their shows, movies and clips to and other online destination sites . for free, from anywhere across the world via a network of widgets placed on websites of its partner publishers. was founded in Noverber 2006 by a team of media, technology and advertising professionals based in India and is operated independently by a dedicated management team with network offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai and New York. Virtual Marketing India Limited ( has a strategic investment in the company.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mid Morning at

There was cake (courtesy Rutvik whose mom decides to give us a treat to celebrate his birthday) and there was a camera available and chaos reigned!!!

Our Reception, Nirmal and the Mural everyone contributed in creating

Mohnish and Swati with the Door

Smokers Lounge: Mohnish Again, Rajiv and Ram

Lets ignore the guy and Sunil


Shalin, Masroor, Mohnish


Rutvik's Mom Susmita who refuses to look at the camera

Madhu, Urmila, Priyanka



Disclaimer: The images below do not (ahem!!) reflect the deep commitment we have to what we do.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OVRP data for the month of August

Name of the Shows (August 2008) ovrp data
Aswad 5
Vibe special 4.91
Bhramanti 4.81
Hungry kya 4.68
Faith records-Ek Kaagaz 4.63
Vaijyanthi R mini series 4.59
Snapshots 4.45
Tarot 4.3
Rashi Bhavishya 4.22
Sziget Music festival 4.2
Monisha Singh Show 4.15
Astro 4.12
13/Jan 4.10
Jack the catch 4.10
Swadisht 4.08
Kala kshitij 3.98
Healthy Living 3.96
Amchi Rangbhoomi 3.91
The love song of 3.88
What women want 3.85
FLM Presents Mr. Boffo 3.84
Lucky bastards 3.80
A Bottle of Humanity 3.78
Ganesh Vandana 3.78
On stage 3.72
Men can cook 3.72
Auto diaries 3.67
Vardenchi 3.43
Gyan Pravah 3.41
Manee 3.36
Shrouds of silence 3.29
FLM Presents The Husband 3.22
Time Frame 3.2
Tile M for murder 3.19
no ball 3.10
Volte-face 3.09
Cook with me 2.98
Video Blog 2.97
Inside the Frame 2.9
Pakistani Band 2.88
Palanpur 2.87
Coming out 2.76
His Majesty 2.76
Indie film maker 2.76
Zinda 2.66
Ganesh utsav 2.64
Oracle 2.64
A little girl's story 2.51
Face in the Crowd 2.5
FLM Presents Shutup and Date 2.47
Dr. Nandita's kitchen 2.41
Unnoticed of peace 2.37
Yoga 2.33
Laajo 2.20
Breathing soil 2.19
Happy Birthday 2.18
Hey bandh reshmache 2.10
Just Unjust 2.08
Jaisa ko taisa 2.03
Word trail 2
Wild saga of corbett 1.85
The sword and the spear 1.80
Zara sambhal ke 1.73
Wats your problem 1.68
Talk to me 1.67
Talent & Glory 1.6
Exhale 1.56
Open a door in india 1.53
Seven to nine 1.51
Would you still 1.50
Crushed 1.43
Teen Puncture 1.41
Sharvari intro saptrangi 1.38
Dreamers of peace 1.32
Ulgulan 1.15
Dreams death 1.14
A Piano story 1.11
Unnoticed love 1.10
Have you seen the movie- Children of a Lesser God? 1.00
Khaalipan 0.98
Kalakaar 0.93
Kaalbhingari 0.87
Made for each other 0.86
Dental care 0.85
All about Animals 0.78
Just another death 0.77
Ek adhoora safar 0.71
Abol Ghungroo 0.68
The Silence 0.60
Kab Tak 0.45
Prayaag 0.43
Saher 0.35

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Downtime Update

Its taking longer than expected with the cofiguration of the new router.

we should be back online shortly.


Friday, September 19, 2008

We are having a scheduled maintainance down time

hi Folks

We are in the process of upgrading our physical infra structure.

This upgrade will involve removing/replacing our older/out-dated core Cisco™ GSR & Extreme Summit™ routing/switching equipment, with newer state-of-the-art Cisco™ 6500-series routing/switching equipment, and implementing a new network design---allowing for easier upgrade, higher fault-tolerance, additional capacity, and extra redundancy.

This was necessary in keeping with our growth in viewership.

this is happening over a 2 hour window. which will result in a cumulative downtime of between 30 and 45 minutes.

the 2 hour window is from 2am to 4 am EST ie 11:30 to 1:30 IST

Thanks for your patience.


Sunday, August 31, 2008 in the NEN Hottest Statups List

We are in the news again. gets listed in the NEN Hottest Startups list.

here is the link


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OVRP data for the month of July

Show name

Vibe special

Sziget Music festival


Faith records-Ek Kaagaz



Hungry kya

Pakistani band

Vaijyanthi R mini series

Tarot july

Kala Kshitij

What women want

Astro july


The Love Song of

Amchi Rangbhoomi

Men can cook

On stage

Healthy Living

Auto diaries

His Majesty

Gyan Pravah


Cook with me

Inside the Frame

Dr. Nandita's kitchen

Indie film maker


Changing gears


A Little Girl's Story


Face in the Crowd

Breathing Soil

Happy Birthday

Just Unjust


Word trail

Open a Door in India

wild saga of corbett

Jaise Ko Taisa


Paus (marathi)

Zara Sambhal Ke

Talent & Glory

Wats your problem

Would You Still

Teen Puncture

Talk to Me

Seven to Nine




Hello its us

Kunal Kumar Retrospective


Dreamers of Peace

A Piano Story

Have you seen the movie-Children of a lesser god

Yeh Becharey

Dreams Death


Dhandyat Ram Nahin

Made for Each Other

Dental care

Unnoticed Love

All about Animals



Kaalbhingari ( Marathi )

Blessed by the Plague

Ganesh vandana

Abol Ghungroo

Ek Adhoora Safar

Just another death

Breaking the Walls of Ignorance

The Silence

The other side

Crossing Over

Kab Tak




Drop your shorts, pick up the cash!

Have a short film? Now make money on it!

All you have to do is send it to us at If the film is approved, we put it up on our platform and share revenues with you.

Who are we? networks private limited is an online entertainment broadcast platform.
It is a network of widgets (the TV screen like thing you see when you go to ). These widgets are placed all over thousands of blogs and websites which collectively generate for us 7.5 million views per day on an average.
Several channels are a part of our platform. Mirch Masala is one of them.
Mirch Masala is our channel for independent short films and accounts for around 2 million views daily on an average. Your films will feature here.

How this works?

We get into a revenue sharing deal with filmmakers where we showcase their films on In return, the filmmaker gets a mutually agreed upon percentage of revenue.
So basically, it's a revenue share deal. You get 50 percent of the gross revenue we earn through advertisements which play before and after your films (pre-roll and post-roll).
The added advantage here is that we have an average of about 7.5 million views per day, thus ensuring that your films get the mass viewer ship that they deserve and also make the maximum revenue.
The copyrights to the films remain with the filmmakers and you can use it on any medium inclusive of the internet.

Past experience:

We have entered into a similar agreement with around 80 filmmakers. The filmmakers earn around 10,000 - 20,000 rupees a month, depending on the number of views their films generate and other factors.
You can drop in your films at our office or mail us your queries along with your contact details. The addresses (both postal and email) are mentioned below.

Address: networks private limited
Bungalow number 24, 1st Floor, Aram Nagar Part 2,
J.P. Road, Versova,
Opposite Versova Barista
Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400 061.
Tel : +91 22 26323338

Email queries to:

We are everywhere!

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Haunted Cabin

No, its not some nautanki.
Its true.
The haunted cabin does exist.
Laptops need a minimum of 3 reboots to get them to function normally.
The tube light doesn't work either. And just in case you take the trouble of putting up a new one, that stops working as well. Adjust it here and there, roll it over a few times and it might start if it feels like.
The air conditioner also has its own nakhras. It works when it wants to.
Mobile phones suddenly stop working when people enter the cabin. Or they hang themselves up.
Ashish, the guy who sits closest to the cabin, suddenly starts talking to himself and sings Tujhe Aksa beach ghumaoo aa chalti kya every five minutes.

People are being prevented from entering the cabin and staying in for more than 15 minutes as we care for them and don't want them to get mind f***ed!

Investigations are on .

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 features ‘Ek Kaagaz’, India’s first online single music track on Vibe

Two singers from across the world meet online and decide to make music.
The only problem being that while one is from San Francisco the other lives in Delhi.
And they have no plans of meeting.
What’s more…they rope in music arrangers from a third place altogether.

The result? Ek Kaagaz, a beautiful medley and the country’s first ever music track put together entirely through the internet.

Sounds impossible? We decided to check it out for ourselves and were completely bowled over.
Inviting Faith Records, who has released the track, to showcase it on our network was the obvious next step. The track is now playing on Vibe, our channel for exclusive music.

The story goes that the SaazMantra duo, Anshuman Chandra and Farhan Shaikh, mailed in the basic medley and music arrangements.
Post which Pralay Bakshi (Station Head for Fever 104 FM, Kolkata) who has composed and written the song, sang his part of the vocals.
This was then sent to San Francisco-based Devika (well known for ‘Kehnde Ne Naina’, licensed by Sony BMG India's top selling "Teri Deewani" sufi compilation) who recorded her vocals.

Over the next few months, music, vocals and creative changes were discussed and sent back and forth over the internet, and the song was refined, finalized, mixed and mastered to produce the final product.

While this system has existed in other countries, this is the first for India and highlights the power of the internet for worldwide distribution.

Still sounds unimaginable? All you need to do is check it out on Vibe and get addicted!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Understanding OVRP

With Zoom TV, Fashion TV, Bollywood Hungama and several more TV channels begining to use network platform to monetize their content, there was a need for creation of a measurement method for judging the popularity of the content that comes from the channel in order to provide proper justification for ad rates. The parameter would also help the channels by giving them valuable insights into what kind of content works on the online medium.

By using an algorithm internally named as FORI (fragmented online recall index) launched Online Video Rating Points (OVRP). OVRP uses a number between 1 and 10 to rate the videos which are played every week on the network comprising of 4000+ widgets. FORI uses a combination of video views, clicks on the pre / post roll ads, frequency of weekly scheduling of the videos on the widgets etc for evolving the OVRP. The OVRP data will be shared with the content owners every week. We hope that in the coming months OVRP will become the industry standard to measure online viewership of video content. will publish the OVRP of its own content on the blog and will be happy to publish the OVRP data for the respective channels if they permit us to do so.

OVRP for june for nautanki's own content.

Name of the Shows (june 2008) ovrp
Vibe special 6.1
Aswad 6.03
Swadisht 5.78
Sziget Music festival 5.6
A Little Girl's Story 5.2
Bhramanti 5.1
Amchi Rangbhoomi 4.8
Pakistani band 4.78
Men can cook 4.62
Hungry kya 4.61
Laajo 4.32
Astro june 4.3
Jaise Ko Taisa 4.2
Snapshots 4.2
Just Unjust 4.1
Vaijyanthi R mini series 4.1
What women want 3.96
Healthy Living 3.94
Auto diaries 3.94
On stage 3.9
Paus (marathi) 3.76
Gyan Pravah 3.42
Vardenchi 3.42
Elements 3.4
Would You Still 3.21
Changing gears 3.2
Mothers 3.2
Talk to Me 3.1
Dr. Nandita's kitchen 3.1
wild saga of corbett 2.98
Teen Puncture 2.9
Hello its us 2.9
Oracle 2.9
Kunal Kumar Retrospective 2.73
Yoga 2.73
Unnoticed Love 2.54
Sangati 2.5
A Piano Story 2.45
Crushed 2.34
Word trail 2.31
Seven to Nine 2.1
Children of a lesser god 2.1
Dhandyat Ram Nahin 2.1
Dreams Death 2.1
Khaalipan 2.1
Face in the Crowd 2.02
Yeh Becharey 1.98
Dreamers of Peace 1.96
Success 1.94
Blessed by the Plague 1.92
Wats your problem 1.92
Talent & Glory 1.83
Made for Each Other 1.75
Kalakaar 1.63
Ek Adhoora Safar 1.4
Kaalbhingari ( Marathi ) 1.32
All about Animals 1.32
Ganeshotsav 1.32
Just another death 1.2
Ganesh vandana 1.2
Abol Ghungroo 1.12
The other side 1.1
Dental care 1.02
Breaking the Walls of Ignorance 0.92
Crossing Over 0.9
The Silence 0.82
Kab Tak 0.74
Saher 0.43
Prayaag 0.41

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Get Gorgeous 5 is live on the network

Exclusive footage from the the reality show Get Gorgeous 5 is live on the network. Our widget network is used by a set of publishers who are classified on the basis of the kind of content they have on their pages. The distribution is as follows:

Bollywood 28%
Cricket 12%
Indian Languages 15%
Women Centric 20%
Finance & Share s 18%
Generic 7%

With people who read bollywood and cricket taking up 40% of the share of the viewership and assuming that it is the youth who consume this kind of content, it makes immense sense to start a channel which has the Channel [V] kind of content on the network.

Over the next few weeks we hope to expand the content depth on the new channel.

Mind it!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

new milestone: crosses 10 million video views per day

Yesterday we had edge of seat excitement at around 11 30. Bets were being set up on whether's 24 hour video view count would cross 10 million. It did - we ended the day with a countdown on smses between three of us - ashish, ram and me. And (three cheers) we crossed 10 million at precisely 2352 hours.

Exciting! now bets are about when we would cross 20 million. Any takers?

Spaces - The Next generation Social Networking Platform

Spaces - Social Networking for brands
Creating social networks is a breeze! announces the roll-out of Spaces a next generation social networking platform to create social networks on the fly around brands, causes, interests etc..the platform combines an array of rich social web applications and a networking platform for engaging communities,groups around any theme.Spaces is under an ongoing development process at under a collaboration with Spaces is currently under private alpha and would soon open up to an invite only beta phase.

From the about us of

Youtopia is a social platform for creative individuals and groups to aggregate apps and content.

Inherently everyone is creative. It's only when you stumble upon the right tools is there a chance to express that creativity. Youtopia is for that creative "You" in You. It's for that photographer, musician, filmmaker, creative artist in you. It's a combination of some simple, elegant and intuitive creative apps which lets you do some amazing things with your digital content like your music, photos, videos. As the platform is social you get to share,connect with other creative folks and groups. You can either start doing some amazing things right away or gaze endlessly through some of the best photos,videos and aggregate or share stuff you like.

Towards a Web Utopia - for creative folks and communities

Youtopia is currently under a limited alpha. We've created the first set of apps which combine simple yet powerful discovery tool which we call Columbus - let's you discover some of the most amazing photos, videos on the web subjected to your taste and create archives of stuff you like. Photo, Video app which gives your digital content a rock star treatment.Events app which lets you create communities around your events.

This is a step forward towards creating, exquisite web apps. We're working on more apps which we would be introducing really soon.

We want to take youtopia to be a platform where you can either use apps within youtopia or aggregate apps from other services on the web. Youtopia will be your web destination if you're a creative Individual or organization like a school, college,design house etc. and would like to create and own your own community or social network and enable youtopia apps to power your domain or site, you can do all that and more in just few intuitive clicks.


We currently have closed registrations due to an overwhelming number of people requesting us for a beta test user name and password. The commercial launch of the product is slated for 15 July 2008.

Sunil R Nair

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 launches Online Video Rating Points (OVRP)

With Zoom TV, Fashion TV, Bollywood Hungama and several more TV channels begining to use network platform to monetize their content, there was a need for creation of a measurement method for judging the popularity of the content that comes from the channel in order to provide proper justification for ad rates. The parameter would also help the channels by giving them valuable insights into what kind of content works on the online medium.

By using an algorithm internally named as FORI (fragmented online recall index) launches Online Video Rating Points (OVRP). OVRP will use a number between 1 and 10 to rate the videos which are played every week on the network comprising of 3800+ widgets. FORI uses a combination of video views, clicks on the pre / post roll ads, frequency of weekly scheduling of the videos on the widgets etc for evolving the OVRP. The OVRP data will be shared with the content owners every week.

Ram Seshan (CTO) of has used the data that he has accumulated over the last 12 months to device the FORI algorithm which powers OVRP. He says that the OVRP data will create a paradigm shift in the ways in which ad sales looks at selling online video ad inventory. Ram adds that uniform ad rates across views on all the content across any channel on will be a thing of the past. He is in the process of building an auction mechanism that will sell the prime ad spots on to the highest bidding advertiser in the next few months.

The question now is whether OVRP will become the TRPs equivalent in the online video space. We sure hope it does!

With better ad rates due to better OVRPs the entire ecosystem gains - publishers make more money, the content owners make more, and we are happy. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daily views on the network averages around 5 million views a day. Of which close to 50% comes from niche content comprising of short films, niche shows like astrology, tarot, yoga, travel and cooking. The shows on Saptarangi our Marathi channel comprises of plays, serials and interviews with people from the Marathi film and theater circles. Vibe is for independent music.

We started to add TV channels to our network and we are seeing an interesting pattern. The views on the original content is not dipping but our viewers are switching channels to watch Zoom, Fashion TV and Bollywood Hungama after they have watched a few episodes on the other channels.

Fashion TV is clearly a winner with a steady 450000 + views a day. The real struggle is between Zoom and Bollywood Hungama. Since the genre is similar we are waiting for a couple of weeks more to find a pattern on what gets watched and what gets dropped.

The adoption of the Channels as default by the channels when they subscribe to a feed will finally decide which of the channels are popular. Finally the earning capabilities of each of the channels will decide who get better viewership.

The game is just about heating up.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dear Publishers....

When a business grows up it faces certain adverse situations. has grown rapidly in the last 16 months and has to get mainline content systems, advertisers and media to sit up and take notice. We have also had to scale up systems, support, integration and all those little things that make a machine click efficiently. We have evolved as a ecosystem and it would not have been possible without the help of the community of publishers who have stood by us, experimented, suggested changes, called us up when things have gone wrong, congratulated, celebrated, rejoiced all along.

The last lot of the payments to the publishers are currently being made, the cheques will be out of the office here on Monday 26 May 2008.

Please do continue to write in and we thank you for being a part of our family.

Sunil R Nair

and Team networks

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zoom TV live on

The third in the series of channels using platform - Zoom TV is live across the 3000+ widgets. Zoom brings to the channel on a variety of shows including film reviews, chat shows like Just Pooja, Pop Korn and so on.

Zoom TV plans to use the viewership inventory available on to pitch to their advertisers and monetize their content. is the only platform that uses a distributed model via a widget network to get content across to where the users are. It also allows for clickable video ads ( pre and post roll) and have a dynamic ad serving engine which can target ad campaigns based on various parameters, unlike a lot of the other portals where the ads are fused to the content and are not dynamic or clickable.

Our publishers will benefit from the new channels by virtue of increased share of revenue from ad sales as it happens.

enjoy! we are not everywhere.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Its Up

The new channel from Bollywood Hungama is up. with loads of bollywood centric content for your viewing pleasure.

zoom will be up and running by monday midnight.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Zoom TV ties up with

We are just quoting from the Zoom Tv press release received by us sometime ago.

" there’s a tie-up between and Networks, an online entertainment platform that provides Web page owners with a mix of branded and niche content. “Zoom’s content will increase the depth of choice available to the viewer. The interesting mix of entertainment-based content that Zoom offers will increase video consumption and bring in greater engagement to brands that want to advertise on the content "

It is official then, in the coming few days we will see Zoom Tv content go live on the platform.

The reasons are simple - with over 5 million video views a day we are the largest distribution platform, takes the content to where the audience is via its widget network - unlike the portals who have to drive traffic to their sites.

We are now eager to see how the advertisers react to our depth and reach.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Save the turtles campaign on network

Dharam 'Turtle' Paaji, Amitabh 'Turtle' Bachchan, Thakur 'Turtle' Baldev Singh and Gabbar are now on

Greenpeace is running an animated spoof on Sholay to attract people to the plight of the Ridley Turtles in Orissa. These turtles would be affected by the port that Tata Steel plans to build in the area. has a wide audience across all age groups, our widgets are present on 3000+ blogs and small websites which cater to specific needs of people with niche interests. Our team got excited when they saw the animation and decided to ask the folks at Greenpeace if we could run the animation as a ad on our network.

The animation is currently live across the network and is getting a huge amount of viewership. Almost 300000 people had seen the animation in the last couple of days.

It is our small gesture to help the environment and save the Turtles.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fashion TV is live on

The test webcast of Fashion TV has started on We are currently showing 15 minutes of content of the latest fashion shows in India. We hope over the next few weeks to extend the channel to have atleast an hour of new fashion content daily.

Ram, Ashish, Masroor, Shalin, Madhu and Urmila - thank you for getting the channel up and running within a couple of hours of us getting access to the test content. Particularly Ram who stayed up till late to ensure we do not have any glitches.

I hope you enjoy the latest addition to the channels.

Monday, April 21, 2008

first bunch of cheques out for publishers

the wait is over the first bunch of delayed publisher payments are out. we will clear out the back log in a week or so.

content provider payments will follow that.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Now online flash games on presents online games from Games2win on its network. The users will be able to play a 2 to 3 minute intro / teaser to the huge library of games available from games2win. This is the first time that online flash games are being made available via a widget to a huge audience. History making indeed!

Over the next few days we will have the games2win online flash games available to the widget users. We are sure that the adoption rates of this form of entertainment will be very high amongst the consumers of

This is also the starting point of's initiative in becoming a platform. Now anyone with content - video, tv shows, music, games, pdfs, anything actually, can plug into the platform and enjoy the power of distribution. This is better than banner ads since the users get to sample the content, and since it has a way of monetization you make money (err, making money takes time so don't expect a cheque tomorrow morning)

We are currently available via a network of 2500+ widgets.

Cheers and congratulations to the team.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

this blog has not been abandoned

No sirs, the blog has not been abandoned, if you notice there have been changes in the system and the look of

We will be back shortly, with more regular updates and lot more nautanki.

Wish you guys a very happy new year and stay tunned!