Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drop your shorts, pick up the cash!

Have a short film? Now make money on it!

All you have to do is send it to us at nautanki.tv. If the film is approved, we put it up on our platform and share revenues with you.

Who are we?

nautanki.tv networks private limited http://nautanki.tv/ is an online entertainment broadcast platform.
It is a network of widgets (the TV screen like thing you see when you go to www.nautanki.tv ). These widgets are placed all over thousands of blogs and websites which collectively generate for us 7.5 million views per day on an average.
Several channels are a part of our platform. Mirch Masala is one of them.
Mirch Masala is our channel for independent short films and accounts for around 2 million views daily on an average. Your films will feature here.

How this works?

We get into a revenue sharing deal with filmmakers where we showcase their films on nautanki.tv. In return, the filmmaker gets a mutually agreed upon percentage of revenue.
So basically, it's a revenue share deal. You get 50 percent of the gross revenue we earn through advertisements which play before and after your films (pre-roll and post-roll).
The added advantage here is that we have an average of about 7.5 million views per day, thus ensuring that your films get the mass viewer ship that they deserve and also make the maximum revenue.
The copyrights to the films remain with the filmmakers and you can use it on any medium inclusive of the internet.

Past experience:

We have entered into a similar agreement with around 80 filmmakers. The filmmakers earn around 10,000 - 20,000 rupees a month, depending on the number of views their films generate and other factors.
You can drop in your films at our office or mail us your queries along with your contact details. The addresses (both postal and email) are mentioned below.


nautanki.tv networks private limited
Bungalow number 24, 1st Floor, Aram Nagar Part 2,
J.P. Road, Versova,
Opposite Versova Barista
Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400 061.
Tel : +91 22 26323338

Email queries to:


We are everywhere!

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Anonymous said...


I posted widget code in my blog.But I have no follwers and how can I improve no of followers and when I will get the money.


T.Maheswara Reddy