Monday, May 28, 2007 on regional websites

Very recently Digital Inspiration and WatBlog said almost identical things and I quote "This 400x350 widget can also be good source of revenue for regional language blogs (like in Hindi, Tamil, etc) where contextual advertising programs like Adsense do not perform so well."

Considering that almost 60% of the internet population in India do not consider English as their first language of choice, we expect to see a lot of action in this space. Lets face it most Indians are comfortable reading in their mother tongue. You will therefore find a Gujarati websites doing better than an English one and so on.

At the same time digital media buyers seem to ignore this fact and pretend to be catering to the English audiences. will very soon be activating the regional publishers programs with content created for their needs and advertising thats more local.

work in progress

hi guys,

work in progress to make, the worlds most progressive online platform in terms of participation.

on one hand, you have content/ film producers participating by displaying their work and monetise;
on the other hand you have viewer participation thru' various blogsites/ web properties wanting more
and finally u have brands participating to take their products closer to the tg.

i will liken it to a movement which is gaining grounds horizontally & vertically.

its great to meet sincere film producers/ content producers young n ol, so very passionate about their work and wanting people to watch their films,
its great to hear content producers reacting positively to every comments that are posted,
its great to read from people unknown who have posted their suggestions to make better at every step.

cheers and thanks for all ur support

Sunday, May 27, 2007

monday morning blues and other such incidents

"Online video viewing has surely become the latest rage. is one such site that works as an online video network and also serves as a platform for filmmakers." Says Mid-Day on Sunday. Read more here

The ecosystem of content producers fueling content consumption fuelling ad revenue is now a well established model and leads the way. Our belief is that regular television content has a mass appeal but there are people who want to watch original content. Last month's experiment with IDPA did prove that we were right afterall.


AlooTechie featured's appointment of Srishti and the news item gets three comments too. (whoa! we have almost made it). Prasath has an interesting suggestion that we allow the publishers to make content for us with brands embedded in them. Well Prasath, thank you for the suggestion but sir who will get the brands to participate? And we are not an Youtube clone. Blogger Eklavya expresses doubts about's ability to touch 12 crores in revenue this year - all I can say is that time will tell. We might as well exceed it too. But then hey it does take time. Blogger Satya asks what the source of revenue is - it is good old advertising using some intelligence. The ads will become clickable but at no time will jump onto the bandwagon of being a lead gen machine. More as the week goes by.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

missings links restored

Thank you Amit for noticing that several links on the pages were pointing into a black hole. They have been restored.

Some interesting numbers

Over the last few weeks I have been asked repeatedly why I think would work. The reasons are simple and came from a media planner in the offline world (he plans media campaigns using newspapers and television). It seems that the overall comsumption of television in SEC A has gone down to about 20 minutes in the top ten metros / mini metros in India. The very same people it seems are now online from their offices and get all their entertainment from the internet. There is lack of genuine made for internet entertainment - segments within the 3.5 minutes duration. What has done via the video feeds is to take the video content to the traffic that inhabits niche categories. This way the correct audience gets to see the right advertising and that results in amazing brand recall. Add to this the fact that we can send the TVC based on the region where the traffic is coming from, factor in demographics and a little bit of intelligent context and we have a killer medium.

The cumulative viewership on network is at 500000 plus with a daily consumption of over 11 lakh segments. A segment comprises of a 30 second TVC + the content episode + 30 second TVC. The most popular channels in are: Angoor, Phillumwallahs and Soul Curry. The websites that carry their feeds fall in the following category:

Angoor & Phillumwallahs - Youth and Bollywood centric websites and blogs
Soul Curry - women, travel, lifestyle centric

Mirch Masala - serious news centric and social issue websites and blogs. Mirch masala also has the highest number of embeds in the vernacular websites and blogs.

Chakachak has the most niche position with almost everyone subscribing to the feeds having websites and blogs catering to bikes, cars, fashion, advertising and young adult.

Republic being UGC centric and gets just 2% of embeds and these are from people who have embedded all the feeds in order to generate maximum revenue.

The maximum traffic / viewership is on Angoor (25%) and Phillumwallahs (20%. Mirch Masala gets close to 15% of the viewership, Soul Curry gets 18%. Chakachak gets 14% while Republic gets merely 8% of the viewers.

We can derive meanings from looking at the share of traffic and corelate it to which category of websites / blogs etc have taken the respective feeds and find out that the maximum traffic seems to come from youth specific web properties. Even if embeds of a channel are in larger number of web properties the traffic generated might be lesser in number.

Unfortunately the media agencies do not know how to classify us. The old media ones say it is internet and the digital agencies are stuck in the rut of providing click throughs and leads. Something tells me that it is time for to set the standard for online video media and create a sub category. The movement has already started elsewhere in the world, maybe it is time we in India went ahead and claimed this territory.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Abhijeet Ghosh Finally Graduates

After all the hardwork.. (from me Prax) Abhijeet Ghosh had finally graduated from NIFT. His design reached in time and he pulled of one of the most inconvienient attempt which he might not try again ( to graduate). Now the news is he is partying and Prax as usual is busting his $#@ off to finish the scheduled programming.


Now all those Content Producers can get a sigh of relief who were ripping DVDs after DVDs, and running to Shivaji Park (no not for jogging... Nautanki's office is there) to deliver the shows. Now you can register to Nautanki.TV as Content Producers and upload you shows from the comfort of your home. Now I wonder is there an examination process for the uploads cuz there is no limitation of perverts in the internet who can provide you explicit content, on a positive note that can increase the views as well as the drools. You can also see the revenue generated by your show through the views once you log on. By the way Mr. Sunil.. I had registered 2 days back and its still not approved.


SPY CAM show hits Nautanki(DOT)TV and our favorite viewer Mr. RISHI had ruined our excitement about the show. He actually didnt like the show. Well we will have to take it as it is... but next time I think I am gonna stop having high expectations about my shows :(. Also watch out for WISE GUYS INC, BAZAKUFOOKISTAN, RATE MY TALENT and A BEAUTIFUL MIND.


Due to some unavoidable reasons Zapakufookistan's name had to be changed to Bazakufookistan along with double work for MR. PRAX. So its the same show with the same Horny sheikh with his body guard running around camels leaving behing hot women. I still think the name could have been a good advertisment for the people who sacked the title of this show as of anyways they are unheard of.


The fearful HANDLES of our Content Head had suddenly disappeared. Yes am talking about VIKRAM and his Dangerous Moustache.. its gone.. Now i dont fear him and neither would other content providers. Is that a good thing or a bad thing.. hmmm.

Nyways STAY TUNNED for more....

PRAX appoints ex-Rediffusion hand Srishti Sawhney

", which was launched in November 2006, is on a consolidating spree. The online video media network has roped in Srishti Sawhney as head of marketing and account management" says Read more here

What the news networks do not mention is that she is a team player to the core, people relax easily in her presence. Her key strengths include strategic thinking, multi-multitasking and making people deliver (with as little bloodshed as necessary). She is a hands-on problem solver with the ability to initiate change.

Though aloof from the polemics of sexes and the conflict of gender, She wants “half the sky”… is A ‘sucker’ for her yellow Labrador ‘Oyster’, travel and good sushi, she spends her weekends trying every new restaurant in town.

The Monkey, by the Chinese horoscope, Srishti is all Yin. She likes beautiful things: Aromatherapy, karmic healing, artistic yoga and Johnny Depp.

We promise to persuade her to allow us to photograph her and put the pic up here soon.

Welcome Srishti to the nautanki

Monday, May 14, 2007

We were hacked was down for 7 hours on 10 May 2007. A hacker managed to enter the system and insert malicious content onto the system. Ram and his able team managed to get things back up in a phased manner. We are happy to say that we are alive and are rocking as before.

The hacker has been identified and legal proceedings have been started. We have a signed confession from the hacker.

The downtime gave us an insight into how our community views us. There were many emails that questioned us about our ability to run and such, at the same time there were emails from publishers who offered to help us identify the problem, who went out of their way to give us their valuable time to test the systems before we went online again. We have had this wave of goodwill that came from nowhere. I humbly thank everyone of them. is not some great big organisation that has suddenly come alive promising to change the world. We are a startup and we face everyday every problem that people our size face. We stumble and fall, but we get back up dust ourselves and try again.

We are committed to create a viable ecosystem and every member of team knows it will never be easy. We promise one thing - we will make history.

Thank you once again.

Sunil R Nair

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

we were hot last month, we are now merely hotter

Wooing NRIs with online videos

Business Standard says "NautankiTV, along with big players like Rajshri Media and StarTV’s, is targeting the non-resident Indian (NRI) community with online videos and looking at advertisers who also plan to attract this customer base." Read more here

Sure they got the name wrong and all that but hey we are not complaining. I do remember asking "Google?!!! woh kya?" some years ago.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

hum businessworld mein bhi

We are famous!!

how viral is viral? and other musings

Last week saw my belief in the power of the net being reconfirmed. finally went viral. It spread like wild fire across the net space in India with blogs and rss feeds abuzz with our distribution model for content. We are very close to attaining critical mass and all logic points to a redux of what happens to good ideas. We are gearing up to doubling our feeds every week. Which would mean that we would become a significant player much earlier than expected. The answer to how viral is viral can be answered by looking at the way myspace grew or how youtube redefined video content. We are viral in that sense.

What does this mean for the content owner? The answer lies in the fact that today no one can get content across to audiences the way we can, 24x7 we can feed content to audiences who want to see humour, docu dramas, spirituality etc from wherever they are on the net. It means that someone like Altergraph - one of our content partners can now make shows that will have an audience however small they maybe.

For the advertiser it is more value for their money, here is a way to get to audiences that are focussed, where the brand salience gets established better than on television. Small brands that want to reach targeted audiences without blowing a whole in theirs pockets can advertise in small quantums. has started a small fire which now is begining to look like a wild fire.

Friday, May 04, 2007

IDPA awards pics

The IDPA online awards - bubblies

Gauri Warudi being presented the winners award for Silent Ghungroos by Kavita Chaudhary

Vikram Prabhu - Head of Content,, Aditya Seth and George of IDPA

Team Nautanki