Wednesday, May 23, 2007

missings links restored

Thank you Amit for noticing that several links on the pages were pointing into a black hole. They have been restored.


amit said...

hi i wanted to know whether you can add more websites as a publisher to your existing account. Will nautanki show different channels for both websites so that the user can know how much he is earning through each of the websites? and if i can add other websites please let me know how to add?

by the way i have crossed the 10,000 mark this month, so can i know the exact date i will recieve my cheque?

Sunil R Nair said...


your cheque will be posted to your address by the 5th of june 2007.

if you need to track different web properties then we suggest that you register them seperately. We find it easier to track them this way.

|Do write to info[at]nautanki[.]tv for any query and we will have someone human respond to it immediately