Tuesday, July 22, 2008

nautanki.tv features ‘Ek Kaagaz’, India’s first online single music track on Vibe

Two singers from across the world meet online and decide to make music.
The only problem being that while one is from San Francisco the other lives in Delhi.
And they have no plans of meeting.
What’s more…they rope in music arrangers from a third place altogether.

The result? Ek Kaagaz, a beautiful medley and the country’s first ever music track put together entirely through the internet.

Sounds impossible? We decided to check it out for ourselves and were completely bowled over.
Inviting Faith Records, who has released the track, to showcase it on our network was the obvious next step. The track is now playing on Vibe, our channel for exclusive music.

The story goes that the SaazMantra duo, Anshuman Chandra and Farhan Shaikh, mailed in the basic medley and music arrangements.
Post which Pralay Bakshi (Station Head for Fever 104 FM, Kolkata) who has composed and written the song, sang his part of the vocals.
This was then sent to San Francisco-based Devika (well known for ‘Kehnde Ne Naina’, licensed by Sony BMG India's top selling "Teri Deewani" sufi compilation) who recorded her vocals.

Over the next few months, music, vocals and creative changes were discussed and sent back and forth over the internet, and the song was refined, finalized, mixed and mastered to produce the final product.

While this system has existed in other countries, this is the first for India and highlights the power of the internet for worldwide distribution.

Still sounds unimaginable? All you need to do is check it out on Vibe and get addicted!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Understanding OVRP

With Zoom TV, Fashion TV, Bollywood Hungama and several more TV channels begining to use nautanki.tv network platform to monetize their content, there was a need for creation of a measurement method for judging the popularity of the content that comes from the channel in order to provide proper justification for ad rates. The parameter would also help the channels by giving them valuable insights into what kind of content works on the online medium.

By using an algorithm internally named as FORI (fragmented online recall index) nautanki.tv launched Online Video Rating Points (OVRP). OVRP uses a number between 1 and 10 to rate the videos which are played every week on the nautanki.tv network comprising of 4000+ widgets. FORI uses a combination of video views, clicks on the pre / post roll ads, frequency of weekly scheduling of the videos on the nautanki.tv widgets etc for evolving the OVRP. The OVRP data will be shared with the content owners every week. We hope that in the coming months OVRP will become the industry standard to measure online viewership of video content.

Nautanki.tv will publish the OVRP of its own content on the blog and will be happy to publish the OVRP data for the respective channels if they permit us to do so.

OVRP for june for nautanki's own content.

Name of the Shows (june 2008) ovrp
Vibe special 6.1
Aswad 6.03
Swadisht 5.78
Sziget Music festival 5.6
A Little Girl's Story 5.2
Bhramanti 5.1
Amchi Rangbhoomi 4.8
Pakistani band 4.78
Men can cook 4.62
Hungry kya 4.61
Laajo 4.32
Astro june 4.3
Jaise Ko Taisa 4.2
Snapshots 4.2
Just Unjust 4.1
Vaijyanthi R mini series 4.1
What women want 3.96
Healthy Living 3.94
Auto diaries 3.94
On stage 3.9
Paus (marathi) 3.76
Gyan Pravah 3.42
Vardenchi 3.42
Elements 3.4
Would You Still 3.21
Changing gears 3.2
Mothers 3.2
Talk to Me 3.1
Dr. Nandita's kitchen 3.1
wild saga of corbett 2.98
Teen Puncture 2.9
Hello its us 2.9
Oracle 2.9
Kunal Kumar Retrospective 2.73
Yoga 2.73
Unnoticed Love 2.54
Sangati 2.5
A Piano Story 2.45
Crushed 2.34
Word trail 2.31
Seven to Nine 2.1
Children of a lesser god 2.1
Dhandyat Ram Nahin 2.1
Dreams Death 2.1
Khaalipan 2.1
Face in the Crowd 2.02
Yeh Becharey 1.98
Dreamers of Peace 1.96
Success 1.94
Blessed by the Plague 1.92
Wats your problem 1.92
Talent & Glory 1.83
Made for Each Other 1.75
Kalakaar 1.63
Ek Adhoora Safar 1.4
Kaalbhingari ( Marathi ) 1.32
All about Animals 1.32
Ganeshotsav 1.32
Just another death 1.2
Ganesh vandana 1.2
Abol Ghungroo 1.12
The other side 1.1
Dental care 1.02
Breaking the Walls of Ignorance 0.92
Crossing Over 0.9
The Silence 0.82
Kab Tak 0.74
Saher 0.43
Prayaag 0.41

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Get Gorgeous 5 is live on the nautanki.tv network

Exclusive footage from the the reality show Get Gorgeous 5 is live on the nautanki.tv network. Our widget network is used by a set of publishers who are classified on the basis of the kind of content they have on their pages. The distribution is as follows:

Bollywood 28%
Cricket 12%
Indian Languages 15%
Women Centric 20%
Finance & Share s 18%
Generic 7%

With people who read bollywood and cricket taking up 40% of the share of the viewership and assuming that it is the youth who consume this kind of content, it makes immense sense to start a channel which has the Channel [V] kind of content on the network.

Over the next few weeks we hope to expand the content depth on the new channel.

Mind it!!!