Monday, February 12, 2007

Our cyber kid--

Vikram told me about a smashing concept..... having television on the internet. okay, so i had heard about western countries doing it and was familiar with YouTube.

So how were these three guys, namely Sunil, Vikram and Herumb were going to make it happen. Being gifted with a strong instinct somewhere inside me, I Knew it would work but will they be able to sustain? Whatever the case, I was mighty excited and asked Vikram if I could be a part of it. Initially it wasn't a very practical idea and my folks almost went into frenzy when they heard it. Not to mention my closest friends who had something almost close to an epileptic fit when they heard that I was planning to change my job!!! Again!!!!

But what the hell, I thought and went ahead. Everything was hunky dory when I started working for it. Ofcourse, thinking about how I was going to manage my finances initially did drive me into dementia, but I hung on. After all, this was a job i was loving after a really really long time and i didn't want to miss the opportunity of working with such fantastic people. did kickstart and how!! We began talking about it to our friends & acquaintances and they started watching out channel. It felt wonderful. There really are no other words to describe the feeling, the emotion. Everyone had taken a massive risk in making this channel happen and now that it was there for the whole world to see, it felt glorious. It was like how new mothers feel when they give birth. Yes .... Nautanki was our baby, conceptualised with pain staking efforts and made healthy on show string budgets :).

Now ofcourse the baby is growing and growing fast and we are prepared to work for it and on it.

By the way, we recently got funded!!