Thursday, June 28, 2007

will they ban us now?

Alootechie published the most juicy part of's online video consumption report - 85% of online video consumption in India happens from offices and paves way for a flurry of emails to and two comments on last count on Alootechie itself that we ( has shot itself in the foot by publishing the report, further adding that now systems admins (may the lord bless their souls) will ban all video sites including YouTube, etc.

Assuming that systems admins in organisations are all intelligent, one would think that they would have already done the needful long before our report. But the truth is that consumption still happens from offices. We think it is because organisations sometimes are nice and do let people chat and browse.

Fortunately for it does not impact our viewership in any way. 98% of our video views comes from our network of video feeds on close to 1300 web properties. For example is one such web property that has feeds on its pages. Since the videos are played off so many pages it is not likely that all those pages would be blocked.

What fun!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

some little bit more nautanki?

Agencyfaqs has published's report on online video consumption in India. "New Tube" it screams loud! Read it here They have called it a case study since it looked at the way video is consumed by's audience. What everyone forgets is that the audience did not come to the URL / website to watch the videos. They did it off whichever websites they were on. has 1312 feeds live currently. The point that we are trying to make here is that even if conducted the study, the viewing happened off other websites, where there is existing traffic. We feel that since the viewing was scattered over such a large base it gave us an accurate feel of the kind of content that is watched and we were able to measure the various factors that goes into good viewing.

If anyone is interested you can download the complete report here

Fun to Work

Well this can be termed as a sequel to the earlier blog entry from Sunil. is now consistently generating good traffic and Content Producers.

The first set of Content Producers were bachcha's who seemed hungry, but lacked temperament; the second encounter was with the experienced one's.. those who talked, discussed, analyzed, committed and never came went back angry!!!

The third kind had the hunger to create and the knack to explore..they made loads of mistakes with their deliverables, but tuned and refined their act at the latter stage. Many of them were also Publishers and Users.

We also came across lots of short films made by 18-24 year olds. Amazing films, good visualization, technically short, but great effort nevertheless.

Its been fun working and interacting with these guys. Learning curve for all concerned, including yours truly.

Moving to the most important part- that of monetizing the efforts!! is on track and very soon we will see some good tractions on all pieces of art.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

mera paisa kab milega?


The most common calls to the office is related now a days to the question 'when will i get paid'? Most of our enthusiastic publishers even call up at 8 am on a saturday and expect that someone would be insane enough to be available to answer the question. Mani called up from Kochi last Saturday and I just happened to have walked in all dressed to make a presentation (I am known to be insane since most days I am in office at eight or even earlier), had I been a little late he would have been treated to a very gruff Amar Singh ( no jokes here ) our man friday and unless you can manage to decipher the Nepalese laden Hindi, you will never figure out what he says. And our dear friend Mani would have gone back and said that is a scam. (shudder).

To set the record straight we are not a scam, we pay on time and the following are the answers to most of your questions:

1. When do I get paid?
Answer: You get paid when your account reaches Rs 10000 in a calender month. In case you make Rs 12500 in a month then the amount payable to you is rounded to the nearest Rs 10000 multiple and the balance amount is carried forward to the next month.

2. When do the cheques reach me?
Answer: All cheques are written out between the 5th and 10th of the month. The cheques for May 07 would get written between 5th and 10th of June 07. The cheques are sent by courier ( DTDC or Blue Dart ) and usually reach the publishers by the 12th of the month.

3. When are the cheques payable?
Answer: Cheques are payable on the 5th of the following month. For example if your account reaches Rs 10000 in May, the cheques will be mailed out to you by the 10th of June and you can deposit them after the 5th of July.

4. Why the 30 day period?
Answer: There are several reasons for this period, the primary reason is that we assume that our advertisers would be nice and pay us within that period. If they do not we would like to have some breathing space. Please do remember we are a startup and we DO NOT have deep pockets.

5. When will all this information appear in the publisher accounts sytem?
Answer: We have a major system upgrade slated for this month and if Ram permits we will have the answers online.

In case you still have queries and want a human being to answer your questions please feel free to write to info[at]nautanki[.]tv and Sophie will reply as soon as she can.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Alexa Alexa where art thou?

You know you are doomed when you sit in front of internet experts and talk till your mouth runs dry and the only reaction that comes by from the 'royal highness' is "What is your Alexa rank?". What to do? we are normally like this only!

Well ranks at 424,097 on Alexa!!!

Must we run scared? or are we bothered? No actually. The reason is that Alexa counts traffic to a destination using the Alexa tool bar which is installed in a lot of browsers. Currently the number of browsers that have Alexa tool bar is a debatable point. So if you were to type in - Alexaji will tabulate how many others have done the same and will rank you. Fair enough but not fair to because 95% of our video segment consumption does not happen on it happens on the 1113 video feeds across the internet. These never register on Alexaji's counters. So we never figure anywhere close to other respectables.

We do however break into the top 100000 websites in the world when the media writes about us and people come visiting. When that happens they register as publishers and go away with a little bit of in their lives and web pages.

And we - all 18 of us in Mahim, Mumbai smile and get back to more work.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another powerhouse joins Team

Achuthan Kutty, former founder of India’s first Interactive Agency Bridge Over TW, has joined in Bangalore. He will be heading Business Development and Alliances for

Achuthan has been one of the pioneers in the interactive media space in India and has been in the advertising business for the past 25 years. He comes with very strong media understanding as well as a strong business development and client servicing background.

Commenting on his new assignment, Achuthan said, “Interactive advertising has been my passion; however it has been downgraded to the level of a sales only channel with virtually everyone looking at the Interactive Agency with the same lenses as a Direct Sales Agent. Pushing this to the limit and having only responses as the metric for the most part is in many ways killing the industry and robbing it of its vitality. I was on the lookout for doing something quite different, but yet within the Interactive Space and the offer from Nautanki, fitted me like a glove. While it is a start up I have no doubt of the capabilities of and my move is in a way symbolic of how much I believe in’s capabilities and growth potential. Moreover the position is as a Consultant, which gives me the freedom to pursue other non conflicting interests. ”

Welcome Achuthan, lets do some nautanki together.

Friday, June 01, 2007

newest member in team

He is kind of blue, so his parents (srishti and priya) named him indigo. Very aggressive, he has head butted a female already - she died recently. He normally tends to hang around the sales area in the office and flares his plumes when he gets annoyed with someone interfering with his space.

Presenting Indigo - our very own mascot.