Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fun to Work

Well this can be termed as a sequel to the earlier blog entry from Sunil. is now consistently generating good traffic and Content Producers.

The first set of Content Producers were bachcha's who seemed hungry, but lacked temperament; the second encounter was with the experienced one's.. those who talked, discussed, analyzed, committed and never came went back angry!!!

The third kind had the hunger to create and the knack to explore..they made loads of mistakes with their deliverables, but tuned and refined their act at the latter stage. Many of them were also Publishers and Users.

We also came across lots of short films made by 18-24 year olds. Amazing films, good visualization, technically short, but great effort nevertheless.

Its been fun working and interacting with these guys. Learning curve for all concerned, including yours truly.

Moving to the most important part- that of monetizing the efforts!! is on track and very soon we will see some good tractions on all pieces of art.



Radhika Mohta said...

The new age media will be rocked by - good going nautanki!

Kabira Speaking said...

hi radhika,
thanks for your support.

Prax said...

In which catagory we fall :(