Saturday, September 22, 2007 ver2.0 theta is live

Over the last month users have seen and felt the system changing for the good. The look feel and backend has undergone changes to make a platform. An ecosystem.

What does it mean for the community?

1. Now content owners / tv channels can plug into the system and create their channels. Which means that existing content can be converted to suit the internet medium and tv channels can get their existing advertisers onto a vibrant medium. thus becomes a platform for the TV channels to reach a huge audience.
2. Other platforms like social networking sites, blogging systems and such can open their links to and create seamless integration which allows their users to get content which they want onto their blogs and profiles. We already have experimented with and it has opened options for everyone to participate in the ecosystem.
2.1 We have become the first guys to integrate Google Adsense into video feeds. The results are pathetic but trust us we are learning and improving as we go along. The trickle of revenues will help the publishers too. And we are not tampering with Google TOS as a few friends feel. We have looked the the TOS carefully and are certain that Google or for that matter anyone who wants to reach our ecosystem will see what we are creating.
3. Advertisers have the benefit of economies of scale: more segment views per day means more ad inventory which means that we do not need to charge a lot to keep the ecosystem growing. We have rationalized our prices and now are comparable to what banner advertising costs in India. We have a new product offering that will be revealed soon.
4. The next three months will see significant improvement in throughputs on the earnings. The advertising community cannot sit back and refuse to acknowledge the numbers: 3 million segment views a day, 1 million unique IPs a day. 30 second video ads are far far better than banners that develop into a blind spot. We will continue to improve interfaces, players, provide the click to play / autoplay option and so on making it easier for you the publishers to take advantage of the ecosystem.
5. Our move into regional Indian languages has started with Saptarangi and we will bring more Indian languages in the coming months. Our first 30 minute fiction net show called Life and Times of Vyjanti has gone live this week. Content takes time to create and we now are ready for the drama.

We appreciate your comments and emails and brickbats, it makes us believe in what we are doing. We are creating history!

Stay Tunned!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hi folks

An update from the tech team.

As you aware we have moved the platform for as of 11/9/07

the new platform takes us closer to television than before. Unlike earlier when shows were scheduled ever hour we now are like television with shows changing after each play. which means the viewers can now watch like live tv. no waiting for the next content episode for an hour. shortly we are going to also get in longer programming with each episode with ads lasting 30 minutes and specials playing continuously till it ends.

we are now in a position to show you complete movies as and when the rights holders agree for screenings.

publishers, Content providers and advertiser data is being captured by the new system in improved ways.

publishers can now get separate feeds for separate pages on one site or different sites and track the usage across web properties. you can use this feature to optimize the location of the nautanki feed on the page etc etc.

a mail with the instructions for logging in into the new system will be sent later today.

we are in the process of migrating the data about your income/billing etc as i type this. this will show as a total in a single record with todays date. Due to incompatibility of the systems we cannot port data date wise but the older system will be kept available till the end of the month so that you can cross check your details (please do let us know in a mail to info[at] if you see any errors.

The existing feeds will be disabled by the end of this month. so please do login and complete the process (details of which will be sent to you by mail) before that.


Monday, September 10, 2007

houston we have a problem!

If you have reached the blog you would have noticed that we have changed while you were not looking. We are currently working on getting the feeds to the 1584 sites back in action. For sometime you will see "No Episode found on this channel" message.

The upgrade / redesign will give the video media platform the much needed depth and technology strength to add languages and features that have been missing so far.

Please bear with us till our team ( Ram ) fixes the bugs.

Stay Tunned!

Update1: The feeds are back to normal. We will be experimenting on a few additional features as we go along. We expect everything to be back to normal within the next 48 hours. Please send us bugs and problems that you might face at info[at]nautanki[.]tv

Update2: existing users of publisher and content sections can log in to the admin section using the email addresses and the existing password. You will get a lot of additional features as we enable them over this week. In case any of you have a problem with your passwords please send your emails to ram[at]nautanki[.]tv

Monday, September 03, 2007

the showreel

I bet not too many have seen the showreel of This showreel gives you the idea of the richness of the content that our team puts together. Most days we spend so much time thinking about the network we have and the problems that publishers face and the lack of advertisers willing to experiment with a new medium that we tend to forget that we are the original created for internet content creators! (thats a huge sentence) . Have fun and keep coming back for more!