Monday, September 10, 2007

houston we have a problem!

If you have reached the blog you would have noticed that we have changed while you were not looking. We are currently working on getting the feeds to the 1584 sites back in action. For sometime you will see "No Episode found on this channel" message.

The upgrade / redesign will give the video media platform the much needed depth and technology strength to add languages and features that have been missing so far.

Please bear with us till our team ( Ram ) fixes the bugs.

Stay Tunned!

Update1: The feeds are back to normal. We will be experimenting on a few additional features as we go along. We expect everything to be back to normal within the next 48 hours. Please send us bugs and problems that you might face at info[at]nautanki[.]tv

Update2: existing users of publisher and content sections can log in to the admin section using the email addresses and the existing password. You will get a lot of additional features as we enable them over this week. In case any of you have a problem with your passwords please send your emails to ram[at]nautanki[.]tv

1 comment:

amit said...

saw that you have changed the nautanki player. But I have been facing a problem that my earnings are not getting updated. Is there some problem? Or is it just happening for me?
Also can you stop autoplay with the new player?