Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One evening in Versova

Oh! by the way we recently have taken up a 2200 sq ft office in Versova. It has a fantastic sea view and a kilometer of beach just across the road. A coffee shop, sizzler joint, a sea food shack and a Kerala cuisine restaurant. We plan to shift in the next one month (we are tired of playing musical chairs in the current office)

These pics were taken during the small celebration that the team put together at short notice.

The HR department has been requested to kindly ignore the kind of celebration and language used during the duration of the party. There were just two people who were not drunk - one of them was me and the other was a 16 month old baby.

for Pics click here

:) is now on facebook becomes the first Indian company to integrate an app with We already have 30 users in the last 30 minutes and some 400 + people have watched the content.

you can add the application to your facebook profile by clicking here

Congratulations to Ashish and Ram on this little step to creating history.