Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daily views on the network averages around 5 million views a day. Of which close to 50% comes from niche content comprising of short films, niche shows like astrology, tarot, yoga, travel and cooking. The shows on Saptarangi our Marathi channel comprises of plays, serials and interviews with people from the Marathi film and theater circles. Vibe is for independent music.

We started to add TV channels to our network and we are seeing an interesting pattern. The views on the original content is not dipping but our viewers are switching channels to watch Zoom, Fashion TV and Bollywood Hungama after they have watched a few episodes on the other channels.

Fashion TV is clearly a winner with a steady 450000 + views a day. The real struggle is between Zoom and Bollywood Hungama. Since the genre is similar we are waiting for a couple of weeks more to find a pattern on what gets watched and what gets dropped.

The adoption of the Channels as default by the channels when they subscribe to a feed will finally decide which of the channels are popular. Finally the earning capabilities of each of the channels will decide who get better viewership.

The game is just about heating up.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dear Publishers....

When a business grows up it faces certain adverse situations. has grown rapidly in the last 16 months and has to get mainline content systems, advertisers and media to sit up and take notice. We have also had to scale up systems, support, integration and all those little things that make a machine click efficiently. We have evolved as a ecosystem and it would not have been possible without the help of the community of publishers who have stood by us, experimented, suggested changes, called us up when things have gone wrong, congratulated, celebrated, rejoiced all along.

The last lot of the payments to the publishers are currently being made, the cheques will be out of the office here on Monday 26 May 2008.

Please do continue to write in and we thank you for being a part of our family.

Sunil R Nair

and Team networks

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zoom TV live on

The third in the series of channels using platform - Zoom TV is live across the 3000+ widgets. Zoom brings to the channel on a variety of shows including film reviews, chat shows like Just Pooja, Pop Korn and so on.

Zoom TV plans to use the viewership inventory available on to pitch to their advertisers and monetize their content. is the only platform that uses a distributed model via a widget network to get content across to where the users are. It also allows for clickable video ads ( pre and post roll) and have a dynamic ad serving engine which can target ad campaigns based on various parameters, unlike a lot of the other portals where the ads are fused to the content and are not dynamic or clickable.

Our publishers will benefit from the new channels by virtue of increased share of revenue from ad sales as it happens.

enjoy! we are not everywhere.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Its Up

The new channel from Bollywood Hungama is up. with loads of bollywood centric content for your viewing pleasure.

zoom will be up and running by monday midnight.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Zoom TV ties up with

We are just quoting from the Zoom Tv press release received by us sometime ago.

" there’s a tie-up between and Networks, an online entertainment platform that provides Web page owners with a mix of branded and niche content. “Zoom’s content will increase the depth of choice available to the viewer. The interesting mix of entertainment-based content that Zoom offers will increase video consumption and bring in greater engagement to brands that want to advertise on the content "

It is official then, in the coming few days we will see Zoom Tv content go live on the platform.

The reasons are simple - with over 5 million video views a day we are the largest distribution platform, takes the content to where the audience is via its widget network - unlike the portals who have to drive traffic to their sites.

We are now eager to see how the advertisers react to our depth and reach.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Save the turtles campaign on network

Dharam 'Turtle' Paaji, Amitabh 'Turtle' Bachchan, Thakur 'Turtle' Baldev Singh and Gabbar are now on

Greenpeace is running an animated spoof on Sholay to attract people to the plight of the Ridley Turtles in Orissa. These turtles would be affected by the port that Tata Steel plans to build in the area. has a wide audience across all age groups, our widgets are present on 3000+ blogs and small websites which cater to specific needs of people with niche interests. Our team got excited when they saw the animation and decided to ask the folks at Greenpeace if we could run the animation as a ad on our network.

The animation is currently live across the network and is getting a huge amount of viewership. Almost 300000 people had seen the animation in the last couple of days.

It is our small gesture to help the environment and save the Turtles.