Thursday, May 08, 2008

Save the turtles campaign on network

Dharam 'Turtle' Paaji, Amitabh 'Turtle' Bachchan, Thakur 'Turtle' Baldev Singh and Gabbar are now on

Greenpeace is running an animated spoof on Sholay to attract people to the plight of the Ridley Turtles in Orissa. These turtles would be affected by the port that Tata Steel plans to build in the area. has a wide audience across all age groups, our widgets are present on 3000+ blogs and small websites which cater to specific needs of people with niche interests. Our team got excited when they saw the animation and decided to ask the folks at Greenpeace if we could run the animation as a ad on our network.

The animation is currently live across the network and is getting a huge amount of viewership. Almost 300000 people had seen the animation in the last couple of days.

It is our small gesture to help the environment and save the Turtles.

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