Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daily views on the network averages around 5 million views a day. Of which close to 50% comes from niche content comprising of short films, niche shows like astrology, tarot, yoga, travel and cooking. The shows on Saptarangi our Marathi channel comprises of plays, serials and interviews with people from the Marathi film and theater circles. Vibe is for independent music.

We started to add TV channels to our network and we are seeing an interesting pattern. The views on the original content is not dipping but our viewers are switching channels to watch Zoom, Fashion TV and Bollywood Hungama after they have watched a few episodes on the other channels.

Fashion TV is clearly a winner with a steady 450000 + views a day. The real struggle is between Zoom and Bollywood Hungama. Since the genre is similar we are waiting for a couple of weeks more to find a pattern on what gets watched and what gets dropped.

The adoption of the Channels as default by the channels when they subscribe to a feed will finally decide which of the channels are popular. Finally the earning capabilities of each of the channels will decide who get better viewership.

The game is just about heating up.

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