Wednesday, June 11, 2008 launches Online Video Rating Points (OVRP)

With Zoom TV, Fashion TV, Bollywood Hungama and several more TV channels begining to use network platform to monetize their content, there was a need for creation of a measurement method for judging the popularity of the content that comes from the channel in order to provide proper justification for ad rates. The parameter would also help the channels by giving them valuable insights into what kind of content works on the online medium.

By using an algorithm internally named as FORI (fragmented online recall index) launches Online Video Rating Points (OVRP). OVRP will use a number between 1 and 10 to rate the videos which are played every week on the network comprising of 3800+ widgets. FORI uses a combination of video views, clicks on the pre / post roll ads, frequency of weekly scheduling of the videos on the widgets etc for evolving the OVRP. The OVRP data will be shared with the content owners every week.

Ram Seshan (CTO) of has used the data that he has accumulated over the last 12 months to device the FORI algorithm which powers OVRP. He says that the OVRP data will create a paradigm shift in the ways in which ad sales looks at selling online video ad inventory. Ram adds that uniform ad rates across views on all the content across any channel on will be a thing of the past. He is in the process of building an auction mechanism that will sell the prime ad spots on to the highest bidding advertiser in the next few months.

The question now is whether OVRP will become the TRPs equivalent in the online video space. We sure hope it does!

With better ad rates due to better OVRPs the entire ecosystem gains - publishers make more money, the content owners make more, and we are happy. :)


Rakesh Khatri said...

Interesting idea. I wonder of you guys would be expanding this to measure the other videos on Youtube and network 18 and so on. Can you also elaborate the algorithm used for the same or is there a formula somewhere we do not know about

pappu paas ho gaya said...

TRP ke baad aur ek natak. kya nautanki hai!

Vinod Ghosh said...

Does this mean that we can go back to the advertisers and ask for better ad rates? And what are the chances of the rating system being fixed by