Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Indian Union Budget Live with UTVi

Now you can watch the Indian Union Budget live with UTVi at

If you are a Facebook user you can post your comments and share it with your friends.

And for the first time we allowed the live stream feed to be taken by any blog or website you want by just copying the embed code give below the live stream player on the webpage:

We had formidable names join in : Financial Express,,, and over 500+ blogs. The results were as follows:

* Total views – 1.2 million across widgets, embeds and main page
* Peak streams – 4,400 streams/sec
* Avg. content viewing – 18 mins/user enables you to add value to your user by providing easy methods to make video content available for your use. We hope that this initiative of ours ensures that the Budget 09 presented by the Finance Minister of India is debated and discussed and a strong message goes out to the government that the Internet user in India does care for his country.