Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zoom TV live on nautanki.tv

The third in the series of channels using nautanki.tv platform - Zoom TV is live across the 3000+ widgets. Zoom brings to the channel on nautanki.tv a variety of shows including film reviews, chat shows like Just Pooja, Pop Korn and so on.

Zoom TV plans to use the viewership inventory available on nautanki.tv to pitch to their advertisers and monetize their content.

nautanki.tv is the only platform that uses a distributed model via a widget network to get content across to where the users are. It also allows for clickable video ads ( pre and post roll) and have a dynamic ad serving engine which can target ad campaigns based on various parameters, unlike a lot of the other portals where the ads are fused to the content and are not dynamic or clickable.

Our publishers will benefit from the new channels by virtue of increased share of revenue from ad sales as it happens.

enjoy! we are not everywhere.

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