Friday, May 16, 2008

Zoom TV ties up with

We are just quoting from the Zoom Tv press release received by us sometime ago.

" there’s a tie-up between and Networks, an online entertainment platform that provides Web page owners with a mix of branded and niche content. “Zoom’s content will increase the depth of choice available to the viewer. The interesting mix of entertainment-based content that Zoom offers will increase video consumption and bring in greater engagement to brands that want to advertise on the content "

It is official then, in the coming few days we will see Zoom Tv content go live on the platform.

The reasons are simple - with over 5 million video views a day we are the largest distribution platform, takes the content to where the audience is via its widget network - unlike the portals who have to drive traffic to their sites.

We are now eager to see how the advertisers react to our depth and reach.

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