Tuesday, September 11, 2007

hi folks

An update from the tech team.

As you aware we have moved the platform for nautanki.tv as of 11/9/07

the new platform takes us closer to television than before. Unlike earlier when shows were scheduled ever hour we now are like television with shows changing after each play. which means the viewers can now watch nautanki.tv like live tv. no waiting for the next content episode for an hour. shortly we are going to also get in longer programming with each episode with ads lasting 30 minutes and specials playing continuously till it ends.

we are now in a position to show you complete movies as and when the rights holders agree for screenings.

publishers, Content providers and advertiser data is being captured by the new system in improved ways.

publishers can now get separate feeds for separate pages on one site or different sites and track the usage across web properties. you can use this feature to optimize the location of the nautanki feed on the page etc etc.

a mail with the instructions for logging in into the new system will be sent later today.

we are in the process of migrating the data about your income/billing etc as i type this. this will show as a total in a single record with todays date. Due to incompatibility of the systems we cannot port data date wise but the older system will be kept available till the end of the month so that you can cross check your details (please do let us know in a mail to info[at]nautanki.tv if you see any errors.

The existing feeds will be disabled by the end of this month. so please do login and complete the process (details of which will be sent to you by mail) before that.


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Anonymous said...

you guys are showing google ads in nautanki ads places on sites, i think this is not just again google TOS but also screwing with the people who have put nautanki on their blogs & sites as google adsense tos states one can have ad only 3 times.