Thursday, June 28, 2007

will they ban us now?

Alootechie published the most juicy part of's online video consumption report - 85% of online video consumption in India happens from offices and paves way for a flurry of emails to and two comments on last count on Alootechie itself that we ( has shot itself in the foot by publishing the report, further adding that now systems admins (may the lord bless their souls) will ban all video sites including YouTube, etc.

Assuming that systems admins in organisations are all intelligent, one would think that they would have already done the needful long before our report. But the truth is that consumption still happens from offices. We think it is because organisations sometimes are nice and do let people chat and browse.

Fortunately for it does not impact our viewership in any way. 98% of our video views comes from our network of video feeds on close to 1300 web properties. For example is one such web property that has feeds on its pages. Since the videos are played off so many pages it is not likely that all those pages would be blocked.

What fun!

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