Thursday, June 14, 2007

Alexa Alexa where art thou?

You know you are doomed when you sit in front of internet experts and talk till your mouth runs dry and the only reaction that comes by from the 'royal highness' is "What is your Alexa rank?". What to do? we are normally like this only!

Well ranks at 424,097 on Alexa!!!

Must we run scared? or are we bothered? No actually. The reason is that Alexa counts traffic to a destination using the Alexa tool bar which is installed in a lot of browsers. Currently the number of browsers that have Alexa tool bar is a debatable point. So if you were to type in - Alexaji will tabulate how many others have done the same and will rank you. Fair enough but not fair to because 95% of our video segment consumption does not happen on it happens on the 1113 video feeds across the internet. These never register on Alexaji's counters. So we never figure anywhere close to other respectables.

We do however break into the top 100000 websites in the world when the media writes about us and people come visiting. When that happens they register as publishers and go away with a little bit of in their lives and web pages.

And we - all 18 of us in Mahim, Mumbai smile and get back to more work.

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