Sunday, June 17, 2007

mera paisa kab milega?


The most common calls to the office is related now a days to the question 'when will i get paid'? Most of our enthusiastic publishers even call up at 8 am on a saturday and expect that someone would be insane enough to be available to answer the question. Mani called up from Kochi last Saturday and I just happened to have walked in all dressed to make a presentation (I am known to be insane since most days I am in office at eight or even earlier), had I been a little late he would have been treated to a very gruff Amar Singh ( no jokes here ) our man friday and unless you can manage to decipher the Nepalese laden Hindi, you will never figure out what he says. And our dear friend Mani would have gone back and said that is a scam. (shudder).

To set the record straight we are not a scam, we pay on time and the following are the answers to most of your questions:

1. When do I get paid?
Answer: You get paid when your account reaches Rs 10000 in a calender month. In case you make Rs 12500 in a month then the amount payable to you is rounded to the nearest Rs 10000 multiple and the balance amount is carried forward to the next month.

2. When do the cheques reach me?
Answer: All cheques are written out between the 5th and 10th of the month. The cheques for May 07 would get written between 5th and 10th of June 07. The cheques are sent by courier ( DTDC or Blue Dart ) and usually reach the publishers by the 12th of the month.

3. When are the cheques payable?
Answer: Cheques are payable on the 5th of the following month. For example if your account reaches Rs 10000 in May, the cheques will be mailed out to you by the 10th of June and you can deposit them after the 5th of July.

4. Why the 30 day period?
Answer: There are several reasons for this period, the primary reason is that we assume that our advertisers would be nice and pay us within that period. If they do not we would like to have some breathing space. Please do remember we are a startup and we DO NOT have deep pockets.

5. When will all this information appear in the publisher accounts sytem?
Answer: We have a major system upgrade slated for this month and if Ram permits we will have the answers online.

In case you still have queries and want a human being to answer your questions please feel free to write to info[at]nautanki[.]tv and Sophie will reply as soon as she can.



amit said...

dont u think tht rounding of isnt fair..... I made Rs. X5514/- last month so i got paid only Rs. X0000/- so tht 5514 rupees of mine will be carried to next month now wat if i amke Rs. X9000/- in this month will u again pay me only Rs. X0000/- ? That way i lose 9000/- rupees again.Lose in the sense i will get it but but i get it late...not fair :(

Anonymous said...

10,000 is a too much , you are mostly targetting small webmasters & blog owners, atleast have it at a standard adsense 100$ , 4k.

Ps: i shall mail you either way , Sophie sounds hot.

Kavita said...

Your payment threshold is very high.Why can"t you pay by Paypal,save on cost also and it could be monthly payment with 1000 Rs as the threshold.I have placed your TV on my blog providing Stock Market Tips and Money Making Ideas From Websites Which pays.

Sunil R Nair said...


The volume of publishers per month makes it impossible for us to bring the threshold down to Rs 1000 or to even Rs 5000. We are working with our bank to solve this problem, please do remember that we are a startup, even Google took close to two years to sort out their payment mess. It will not take that long but we will ensure that the situation is corrected soon.

Anonymous said...

Its isnt fair even ADsense is giving amount if its reaches 100$ a month 4k Adbrite has a option for letting us decide when we will get paid same at auctions.
Even agloco
So to match this program u should update ur system soon to be in the market..