Monday, July 14, 2008

Understanding OVRP

With Zoom TV, Fashion TV, Bollywood Hungama and several more TV channels begining to use network platform to monetize their content, there was a need for creation of a measurement method for judging the popularity of the content that comes from the channel in order to provide proper justification for ad rates. The parameter would also help the channels by giving them valuable insights into what kind of content works on the online medium.

By using an algorithm internally named as FORI (fragmented online recall index) launched Online Video Rating Points (OVRP). OVRP uses a number between 1 and 10 to rate the videos which are played every week on the network comprising of 4000+ widgets. FORI uses a combination of video views, clicks on the pre / post roll ads, frequency of weekly scheduling of the videos on the widgets etc for evolving the OVRP. The OVRP data will be shared with the content owners every week. We hope that in the coming months OVRP will become the industry standard to measure online viewership of video content. will publish the OVRP of its own content on the blog and will be happy to publish the OVRP data for the respective channels if they permit us to do so.

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