Tuesday, July 22, 2008

nautanki.tv features ‘Ek Kaagaz’, India’s first online single music track on Vibe

Two singers from across the world meet online and decide to make music.
The only problem being that while one is from San Francisco the other lives in Delhi.
And they have no plans of meeting.
What’s more…they rope in music arrangers from a third place altogether.

The result? Ek Kaagaz, a beautiful medley and the country’s first ever music track put together entirely through the internet.

Sounds impossible? We decided to check it out for ourselves and were completely bowled over.
Inviting Faith Records, who has released the track, to showcase it on our network was the obvious next step. The track is now playing on Vibe, our channel for exclusive music.

The story goes that the SaazMantra duo, Anshuman Chandra and Farhan Shaikh, mailed in the basic medley and music arrangements.
Post which Pralay Bakshi (Station Head for Fever 104 FM, Kolkata) who has composed and written the song, sang his part of the vocals.
This was then sent to San Francisco-based Devika (well known for ‘Kehnde Ne Naina’, licensed by Sony BMG India's top selling "Teri Deewani" sufi compilation) who recorded her vocals.

Over the next few months, music, vocals and creative changes were discussed and sent back and forth over the internet, and the song was refined, finalized, mixed and mastered to produce the final product.

While this system has existed in other countries, this is the first for India and highlights the power of the internet for worldwide distribution.

Still sounds unimaginable? All you need to do is check it out on Vibe and get addicted!

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