Friday, August 08, 2008

The Haunted Cabin

No, its not some nautanki.
Its true.
The haunted cabin does exist.
Laptops need a minimum of 3 reboots to get them to function normally.
The tube light doesn't work either. And just in case you take the trouble of putting up a new one, that stops working as well. Adjust it here and there, roll it over a few times and it might start if it feels like.
The air conditioner also has its own nakhras. It works when it wants to.
Mobile phones suddenly stop working when people enter the cabin. Or they hang themselves up.
Ashish, the guy who sits closest to the cabin, suddenly starts talking to himself and sings Tujhe Aksa beach ghumaoo aa chalti kya every five minutes.

People are being prevented from entering the cabin and staying in for more than 15 minutes as we care for them and don't want them to get mind f***ed!

Investigations are on .

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