Wednesday, May 16, 2007 appoints ex-Rediffusion hand Srishti Sawhney

", which was launched in November 2006, is on a consolidating spree. The online video media network has roped in Srishti Sawhney as head of marketing and account management" says Read more here

What the news networks do not mention is that she is a team player to the core, people relax easily in her presence. Her key strengths include strategic thinking, multi-multitasking and making people deliver (with as little bloodshed as necessary). She is a hands-on problem solver with the ability to initiate change.

Though aloof from the polemics of sexes and the conflict of gender, She wants “half the sky”… is A ‘sucker’ for her yellow Labrador ‘Oyster’, travel and good sushi, she spends her weekends trying every new restaurant in town.

The Monkey, by the Chinese horoscope, Srishti is all Yin. She likes beautiful things: Aromatherapy, karmic healing, artistic yoga and Johnny Depp.

We promise to persuade her to allow us to photograph her and put the pic up here soon.

Welcome Srishti to the nautanki

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