Sunday, May 06, 2007

hum businessworld mein bhi

We are famous!!


amit said...

hi i just started yesterday with my as a publisher and it as been a quite okayish start. I wanted to know when the payoutwould be, could you respond.
If things seem to improve with i shall soon make a blogpost for it on my blog, encouraging my readers to also opt for :)

Sunil R Nair said...


Your payout depends on the number of views generated by your blog and not on impressions alone. We have members who have been earning a substantial revenue via the feeds.

Do keep in touch via emails at info[at]nautanki[.]tv

Amit said...

Mr. Sunil Nair,
I think you did not get my question. I was asking that when do you guys send us the cheque .Is the payment done on a weekly, monthly or according to some other criteria? And does the money my account reports show is the money that I will get paid or do you guys make any deductions as a part of your commission. Please do respond back.

Sunil R Nair said...


Payout happen within 30 days of you touching rs 10000 . there are deductions only if we notice any kind of click fraud. Please refer to the reports as an indicative of what you will earn. does not deduct any commissions.

Please do write to for all your queries

Bollywood said...

I just joined as a publisher. I would like to know whether publishers get money for each impression or its mostly dependent on the clicks generated from the video?