Monday, May 14, 2007

We were hacked was down for 7 hours on 10 May 2007. A hacker managed to enter the system and insert malicious content onto the system. Ram and his able team managed to get things back up in a phased manner. We are happy to say that we are alive and are rocking as before.

The hacker has been identified and legal proceedings have been started. We have a signed confession from the hacker.

The downtime gave us an insight into how our community views us. There were many emails that questioned us about our ability to run and such, at the same time there were emails from publishers who offered to help us identify the problem, who went out of their way to give us their valuable time to test the systems before we went online again. We have had this wave of goodwill that came from nowhere. I humbly thank everyone of them. is not some great big organisation that has suddenly come alive promising to change the world. We are a startup and we face everyday every problem that people our size face. We stumble and fall, but we get back up dust ourselves and try again.

We are committed to create a viable ecosystem and every member of team knows it will never be easy. We promise one thing - we will make history.

Thank you once again.

Sunil R Nair


amit said...

its true your publishers do understand that there will be problems. But I feel in future if there are any problems, then you'll should put it up on your blog and let your publishers know, so that there is no panic among them.

By the way I reached Rs. 10,000/- as your publisher and must say your business model is cool. So when can I expect your cheque? I sent you guys a mail but didn't recieve a response. So decided to ask here.

Sunil R Nair said...

amit, you cheque will be dispatched at the end of the month payable to you within 30 days.

cheers and thank you.