Sunday, May 27, 2007

monday morning blues and other such incidents

"Online video viewing has surely become the latest rage. is one such site that works as an online video network and also serves as a platform for filmmakers." Says Mid-Day on Sunday. Read more here

The ecosystem of content producers fueling content consumption fuelling ad revenue is now a well established model and leads the way. Our belief is that regular television content has a mass appeal but there are people who want to watch original content. Last month's experiment with IDPA did prove that we were right afterall.


AlooTechie featured's appointment of Srishti and the news item gets three comments too. (whoa! we have almost made it). Prasath has an interesting suggestion that we allow the publishers to make content for us with brands embedded in them. Well Prasath, thank you for the suggestion but sir who will get the brands to participate? And we are not an Youtube clone. Blogger Eklavya expresses doubts about's ability to touch 12 crores in revenue this year - all I can say is that time will tell. We might as well exceed it too. But then hey it does take time. Blogger Satya asks what the source of revenue is - it is good old advertising using some intelligence. The ads will become clickable but at no time will jump onto the bandwagon of being a lead gen machine. More as the week goes by.

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