Monday, May 28, 2007 on regional websites

Very recently Digital Inspiration and WatBlog said almost identical things and I quote "This 400x350 widget can also be good source of revenue for regional language blogs (like in Hindi, Tamil, etc) where contextual advertising programs like Adsense do not perform so well."

Considering that almost 60% of the internet population in India do not consider English as their first language of choice, we expect to see a lot of action in this space. Lets face it most Indians are comfortable reading in their mother tongue. You will therefore find a Gujarati websites doing better than an English one and so on.

At the same time digital media buyers seem to ignore this fact and pretend to be catering to the English audiences. will very soon be activating the regional publishers programs with content created for their needs and advertising thats more local.


aseem said...

many links on your site such as the inside ones for publishers. The account details etc. are also not clearly visible. I tried calling you guys at 22 22454538 and "it says this number doesnt exist". The advertisements that you show are also very few, like the dish tv, aids awareness and zee cinema. And still you guys claim to make big buck !!!!
I am seriously doubting the credibility of your company. Please give me some proper number so that i can call you guys and satisfy my doubts

Sunil R Nair said...

please call me on 022 24454538 or write to info{@}nautanki{.}tv for whatever details you want about the business model etc.

amit said...

Mr. Sunil,
It was good talking to you on the phone. Appreciate the time you took out to clear my doubts.
Again as i toldyou the number on your contact us page is wrong. Your page shows number as 91 22 22454538. An additional 2 there. Please do correct it.