Friday, May 04, 2007

IDPA awards pics

The IDPA online awards - bubblies

Gauri Warudi being presented the winners award for Silent Ghungroos by Kavita Chaudhary

Vikram Prabhu - Head of Content,, Aditya Seth and George of IDPA

Team Nautanki


Ranjan said...

cool site and a great concept. I've just registered as a publisher.

Btw, could we have feeds in a 180x200 slot?

Sunil R Nair said...

hi ranjan,

we currently have feeds in just one slot. we have to keep in mind the video size when we serve that feed.

Welcome to the family

amit said...

hey its a gr8 concept. But i had some doubts, could you clarify them. I have this movie site and I have google ads on it. Is it allowed to keep videos on it too. Do let me know.

amit said...

Hi I have now become a publisher of I wanted to know when the payout will be mail me at or reply here ill cm and check out.
Also i wanted to know what are the rates for each ad that will be viewed by my sites viewers.

Sunil R Nair said...


Yes you can run video feeds along with Google ads. We do not compete, we supplement Google ads.

Do write back to in case you have a doubt.