Sunday, May 06, 2007

how viral is viral? and other musings

Last week saw my belief in the power of the net being reconfirmed. finally went viral. It spread like wild fire across the net space in India with blogs and rss feeds abuzz with our distribution model for content. We are very close to attaining critical mass and all logic points to a redux of what happens to good ideas. We are gearing up to doubling our feeds every week. Which would mean that we would become a significant player much earlier than expected. The answer to how viral is viral can be answered by looking at the way myspace grew or how youtube redefined video content. We are viral in that sense.

What does this mean for the content owner? The answer lies in the fact that today no one can get content across to audiences the way we can, 24x7 we can feed content to audiences who want to see humour, docu dramas, spirituality etc from wherever they are on the net. It means that someone like Altergraph - one of our content partners can now make shows that will have an audience however small they maybe.

For the advertiser it is more value for their money, here is a way to get to audiences that are focussed, where the brand salience gets established better than on television. Small brands that want to reach targeted audiences without blowing a whole in theirs pockets can advertise in small quantums. has started a small fire which now is begining to look like a wild fire.

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