Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some interesting numbers

Over the last few weeks I have been asked repeatedly why I think would work. The reasons are simple and came from a media planner in the offline world (he plans media campaigns using newspapers and television). It seems that the overall comsumption of television in SEC A has gone down to about 20 minutes in the top ten metros / mini metros in India. The very same people it seems are now online from their offices and get all their entertainment from the internet. There is lack of genuine made for internet entertainment - segments within the 3.5 minutes duration. What has done via the video feeds is to take the video content to the traffic that inhabits niche categories. This way the correct audience gets to see the right advertising and that results in amazing brand recall. Add to this the fact that we can send the TVC based on the region where the traffic is coming from, factor in demographics and a little bit of intelligent context and we have a killer medium.

The cumulative viewership on network is at 500000 plus with a daily consumption of over 11 lakh segments. A segment comprises of a 30 second TVC + the content episode + 30 second TVC. The most popular channels in are: Angoor, Phillumwallahs and Soul Curry. The websites that carry their feeds fall in the following category:

Angoor & Phillumwallahs - Youth and Bollywood centric websites and blogs
Soul Curry - women, travel, lifestyle centric

Mirch Masala - serious news centric and social issue websites and blogs. Mirch masala also has the highest number of embeds in the vernacular websites and blogs.

Chakachak has the most niche position with almost everyone subscribing to the feeds having websites and blogs catering to bikes, cars, fashion, advertising and young adult.

Republic being UGC centric and gets just 2% of embeds and these are from people who have embedded all the feeds in order to generate maximum revenue.

The maximum traffic / viewership is on Angoor (25%) and Phillumwallahs (20%. Mirch Masala gets close to 15% of the viewership, Soul Curry gets 18%. Chakachak gets 14% while Republic gets merely 8% of the viewers.

We can derive meanings from looking at the share of traffic and corelate it to which category of websites / blogs etc have taken the respective feeds and find out that the maximum traffic seems to come from youth specific web properties. Even if embeds of a channel are in larger number of web properties the traffic generated might be lesser in number.

Unfortunately the media agencies do not know how to classify us. The old media ones say it is internet and the digital agencies are stuck in the rut of providing click throughs and leads. Something tells me that it is time for to set the standard for online video media and create a sub category. The movement has already started elsewhere in the world, maybe it is time we in India went ahead and claimed this territory.


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please do sumthing about ur content sum of the content is gud but some of them especially the comedy ones are awfully cheap and are simply intolerable

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hi abhishek, thanks for ur comments pal. why don't u participate in making better content for all the users of will need ur support man. i'm available at vikram[at]nautanki[.]tv.


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