Saturday, December 20, 2008

An evening in Bandra - the secret lives of Team

The team got together at Barbeque Nation, Bandra to celebrate. We as of now are not sure what we were celebrating!

But we discovered some strange and yet unknown facts about people we work with. For example we realized Madhu could fly, that Urmila is a supporter of a certain political party and can get you wiped off the face of earth, Mohnish is not really Mohnish but a closet something from a certain neighbouring state, Rohit is actually quite flirty and nice, Priyanka is a secret 'look after nephews' aunt, Vipul stares and laughs when drunk and starts talking non tech too, Nikita does not drink in public! Manoj does not mind drinking like a fish, Dev likes to talk to his drink, Ram loves spicy mushrooms and exotic English veggies, Swati fights with Coke and calls it rum, Susmita changes plates when fishes jump off the grill and land on her side of the table, Nikesh gets lost on a straight road and changes seats often, Amar Singh gets high on mocktails too, Nirmal eats noodles with gulab jamuns. And I take pictures that are really bad.

We promise more dope and pics as the get passed along by the people who were not drunk.

Rohit & Madhu

Urmila, Nikita & Priyanka


Madhu, Urmila & Nikita

Rohit & Ram

Mohnish, Dev & Vipul

Mohnish & Vipul


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