Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jaago Re via will go live with the JaagoRe TVC on the Mirch Masala, SaptaRangi, Vibe and Originals channels on the network.

These channels have video content ranging from Yoga, Cooking, Lifestyle to Music and Animation. The audience of the Network comprises largely of people between the ages of 16 to 34. This audience comprises of the SEC A + category and is the one that is known to stay away from the elections and takes a passive look at India and its problems. By running the video ad that encourages this audience to wake up hopes to contribute to building awareness and hopes that its audience that watches online video will be inspired to click and register to vote in the next General Elections.

An example of the effect of the internet in election campaigns has recently been seen in the US elections. President Elect Obama's strategy to attract the younger audience using non traditional means of reaching out paid dividends. Researchers have shown that more and more people who are now eligible to vote are online and prefer to get their information via online videos, blogs and on the mobile. Network reaches close to 4.5 million unique IPs across the world everyday through its widget network. More than 20 million videos are watched everyday on the network making it one of the largest video distribution platforms in the world.

The JaagoRe campaign has been brought to the platform by Janagraha - a NGO involved in getting people interested in registering for the election and creating awareness on the importance to vote. Thank you Aditya Challa, Jasmine and Cherly for responding to our mails.

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