Saturday, August 04, 2007

saturdays are never the same now!


It has been sometime since the last blog post. There has been too many things going on and time has been at a premium. The last four saturdays have been days when one has woken up at six in the morning, got ready and driven into office to ensure that things that were pending from the week do not spill over into the next week. Gone are the days of leisurely coffee and a breakfast with time.


We now have 1500+ video feeds on our system. Everyday we get requests for additional features, solutions for tech problems and "mera paisa kabhi milega" answers. The most curious has been the surge in people wanting to join as partners or as employees. A few have taken it upon themselves to write in daily with suggestions and ideas on how can become the next Google, Microsoft, Youtube, Viacom, NewsCorp and so on. Ideas and suggestions are welcome, they help us know that we are on the right track, but emails that tend to be veiled threats, "I was dreaming for as 'CONSULTANT-PARTENER' with NTV, but ball is in yr court now" tend to get tiring. We sometimes offer some of the more enthusiastic publishers a chance to be our affiliates. And they tend to do everything other than do what they are supposed to do.


We have advertisers finally on our network - remit2india, ebay and ikobo have started their campaigns. This will mean more money for publishers and content providers. Lets hope more come as time goes by. Publishers have to remember that they get paid only when there are paid ads in the network, and that takes time. Please do remember that a new medium will take time to be accepted. After all you guys are part of something that has never been tried before anywhere.


Our new player went live a couple of weeks ago. We have intelligence in the player - IP targeting, content sense, click through trackers and a few never befores have been put into the player itself. And like any other company we have had people writing back saying they love the player or they hate it. Most hate its are due to the autoplay feature. We promise to take a final stand on the autoplay feature within the next month.


Alexa Alexa do you see us now? We are crawling up the much followed alexa rankings. Does that help the people who are skeptical? Would you eat your words and humble pie if reaches the top 100 websites in India? It did not matter to us for we knew what we were saying but then sometimes we too get emotional when people start calling us names and doubt our credentials. Thank you Ram for making this possible.


We also have a small social network experiment live now. Test drive it please and let us know

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amit said...

hey i have been nautanki properly on my movies site. I am not like some of your publishers who clutter their pages with more of nautanki video and less of content. I just keep one nautanki ad on a page.

I guess you guys should ban keeping two ads on a page and also the autoplay feature. Keeping two ads on a page and auto playing will increase money for publishers but you have to see the larger picture.

Your strength is based on your advertiser base. By autoplaying the user is watching the video and even advertisers are paying even though the user does not wish to see the video actually. This is wrong and will not yeild long term results.

My humble request is to stop it. Let the users be the judge whether they want to watch the video content or no. Do not force them into watching it.

Also i have been having a problem with your payment sytem, I have sent a mail to Do respond as quickly as possible.