Friday, August 10, 2007

alexa ranking trivia

hey folks worried about the ranking on alexa.

as of 8 august we are 75669 in world ranking up from 1,036,058811719 three months back.

India ranking is now upto 2809 up from 2976 on 6th august.



amit said...

hi, it's 15th August and I have still not recieved my cheque for month of July from
I sent a mail to : 3 days back, but did not receive any reply from there.

So posting here. I have never had any problems wid nautanki's payment scheme and hope in future too it doesn't give me problems. Please do send my July's cheque as soon as possible.

Sunil R Nair said...

the cheque is in the courier. please write to manoj[at] for details.

Ajay said...

Alexa rankings is one parame ter which i don't know why advertisors give so much importance to. The fact of the matter is that alexa ranks are based on users browing your site who have alexa toolbar installed? How many have that installed now? (I have never had and its usually identified as adware even when i tried to) Couple that with the fact that to protect the actual ranks from being misused and bloated up, alexa uses its own algorithm to count only certain visits and user stats.
Well point being if you are an Indian website you are at a disadvantage cos not many Indians have heard of alexa here as far as normal users go and no one will install something you haven't heard of.(the same is not true for google toolbar which you provides a normal user some good value). The people in India having the toolbar are the webmasters so well so the ranking is more determined by the webmaster visits(which also explains why some web directories have pretty good rankings then some popular blogs. I can say this from personal expereince of running two high traffic forums. On my bigger forum we have the traffic that should have taken us into the 10000 league in alexa(as a comparable US site with absolute same traffic is) but we are in the 30's. Do i bother? no. End of the day i don't need a proof from alexa to know if my site is popular. It shows in the hits, users online and in the revenues.(ok i do bother sometimes when my US friends tells me that their site is bigger based on alexa.. )