Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pirates of Shivaji Park

A dear friend of ours plans to do a story on in a prominent magazine and the title that she has planned for the story is "Pirates of Shivaji Park"! For those of you who do not know what Shivaji Park means or are unaware of the cultural importance of this open ground in Central Mumbai - Shivaji Park is where major political parties hold their rallies and protests in Mumbai. Dr Ambedkar - the social reformer's birth and death anniversaries are celebrated at this location. It serves as the meeting place for hundreds of love birds starved of privacy and these love birds are looked down by the hundreds of upper middle class citizens - majorly the last true representatives of the 'Marathi Manoos' - the Marathi man - of Mumbai. operates some 100 meters away from THAT Shivaji Park. It is kind of a skunk operation. The building is residential and the office had an old bone surgeon's clinic (we still have a ceiling anchor which kept the xray machine in place). We have wooden stairs and the floor of the office has a very faded rexine covering thats keeps peeling off. Like true startups everyone shares the space and everyone is everywhere. If you need a place to sit then you need to come in early and hijack someone else's chair. Amar Singh (am not joking) our VP Pantry makes great tea and we get requests from very known people about the secret of his recipe.

Somewhere along the last three months we have begun to function like a Pirate operation. We have done what others take ages to do in an operation that has been quite and stealthy.

The only thing missing are the pirate bandanna and the skull flag. Some of our guys are getting that ready too. Soon Shivaji Park will have a huge Pirate flag in front of one of it's buildings.

watch out you your out there!


Anonymous said...

Nice :)

So will Amar graduate to Rum and Chai cocktails?

By the way, some tivia for you - the pirate flag (the Jolly Roger) was hoisted on Apple's MAcintosh Divison a few weeks after iot was founded...


Raj said...

LOL this is interesting!

Sunil R Nair said...


By hoisting that flag we will be paying a compliment to Jobs and his gang. And we hope that we rock like the Mac in those years.


Anonymous said...

Sunil & Team,

Congratualations on a job done superbly so far. Hoping that the Pirates story gives you a good platform to get the word out to new audiences. Get ready for the hit spike ):

Good Luck.