Thursday, August 23, 2007

WSJ AIA 2007 and

WSJ - Wall Street Journal (yes the one that mr murdoch wants to buy)
AIA - Asia Innovation Awards
2007 - thats this year - a company innovative enough to be eligible to be invited for the WSJ AIA 2007.

Need I say more? No guarantees that we will win anything but then we are getting noticed by the majors.


Kabira Speaking said...

sorry for being immodest pal, but now lets get counted amongst the majors!!

adi said...

hey gr8 going. Congrats.
By the way just wanted to know when the nautanki videos will stop autoplaying. May i nkow that?

Anonymous said...


the new backend is ready. we are just finalising the new player look.

once we release it you should have the option of stopping autoplay as a publisher.