Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hello there


This is my first post here on this blog. I have been told to blog here often enough but i always shied off citing a number of reasons.

but the real reason was i did not have anything to talk about.

NOW i have.

Nautanki.tv is now moving. The environmental elements of content providers, publishers and finally the long and eagerly awaited advertisers are here. Our upgrade to the player and its associated back end which targets the Advertising Demographically, Geographically and Contextually has paid off.

The next upgrade will be to handle the Immense traffic build up with is now in TB's a day. and no i don't mean tuberculosis i mean Tera Bytes yes BYTE not bit.

We are enabling clustering, pumping up RAM, Quadrapuling the bandwidth, tighter code, a better interface for all, etc etc.

On the whole we shall be shortly migrating to version 2.0.

what does it mean to the user, publisher,content guys and advertisers.

A better system, more focused on deliverables , less procedural hassles. and most importantly more money and more bang for the buck.

nautanki.tv is now storming up the rankings and its on its way to beating competition and overtaking them in the viewership stakes.

But as usual we have our own set of doubting Thomases.

but all these doubts are because of not really understanding what nautanki.tv is.

a lot of people assume that we are an advertising network.
more than a few think that we are another you tube clone.
a few even think that we play naughty videos.

but what is nautanki.tv???

Its Television Online. Just like you have television channels on you television we are Television on the net. and just like television we are recovering the cost of making and webcasting the content by playing ads.

the difference is that the advertiser can have a better engagement with the viewer. Its like talking to an audience of ONE and a call to action with a click which can get them a client in a jiffy.

but nautanki.tv bigger role is enabling the repressed creative talent in this country to get an audience to tell their story using an audio visual platform.

we are doing for film makers what all the popular talent competitions on TV are doing for the singers and dancers.

Also there have been a lots of bouquets and brickbats because of the Auto Play feature being enables.

There was this one comment i read somewhere

"The video starts playing and visitors get diverted from the topic and start watching the ad."

When will people get it that people also watch the content. Nautanki is like an RSS feed of video content on your site. It ads value for to your site. We have found that our publishers have had in increase in visitors by 30% month on month since they have added a nautanki.tv video feed



amit said...

I guess I am the one who has said that comment about users getting disturbed by the autoplay of the ads. PLease stop it or best you could give the option to the publisher whether he wants auto play or not.
Many blogger friends of mine have removed the video ads. Read this post ....http://www.jeba.in/posts/remove-ads-that-irritate-your-visitors/.
Nautanki.tv does not need bad publicity. Do stop the mistake of autoplaying before its too late.

Sunil R Nair said...

hi amit,

there seems to be two camps here, one which says please provide autoplay and another one which says dont provide autoplay. Ram our CTO will be incorporating the option which can be selected by the publishers as to which feature (auto play or not) should be included. It will take time to get it done.

The blog post on Jeba.in is in bad taste. We have been open to talking to our extended family and are always available to answer and hear your suggestions unlike some of the others who do not even bother to reply. By casting apprehensions about the financial stability and the ability to pay the publisher has undermined nautanki.tv which is now being acknowledged as one of the most original ideas to come out of India. While others have merely copied business models from other parts of the world, we have created a business based on innovation. Please do remember that we are primarily a content network and advertising is incidental, (ok its necessary to survive)


amit said...

Firstly I must say nautanki.tv is one of the most innovative schemes to have come up in recent times.
I guess jeba has been a bit harsh on nautanki but I think nautanki by adding the autoplay feature has hit the hammer on their own toes. You say making money through advertising is not your main goal. But i must say that by doing the autoplay feature you people have opened yourself to speculation. By autoplaying the ads, your advertisers will not reach the target audience, because those guys will be the one who do not want to see the ad. This will lead to long term losses.
Also thow do your allow publishers to keep more than one nautanki.tv video on their site is rather surprising.

Me a well wisher of nautanki.tv as it is something innovative that the brains at India have come up with. I hope your indulgence in making quick money does not crumble the network.

amit said...

by the way jeba.in is not my site. It is a site of a blogger friend of mine.

vicky said...

can you please help me and tell me where can I talk to someone regarding nautanki.tv I am a publisher and wanted some help.

Anonymous said...

write to info[at]nautanki[.]tv, a lady called sophie will respond within a day

Sidhu said...

You forgot one more aspect mentioned in Jeba's post. What about you using Adsense? If Bidvertiser or Tyroo starts using Adsense because just they want to survive shows the desperation to survive. It surely hints to something phishy.

Using Adsense on your network will send a wrong signal to both Advertisers and publishers as well.

Anonymous said...

you can read sunils post for the for a reply to the adsense bit