Friday, March 23, 2007

Original Content the only way out on the internet

We have met a lot of investors, pretenders and content owners. On cue the conversation veers away into areas like - YouTube, Star Tvs initiative on and such mundane things.

Our point has been always firm on the fact that the Internet media is a different animal. TV content recut or repurposed will be too expensive to procure and even worse is the attitude of the television channels. Movies is impossible because of non starters like minimum guarantees. We firmly believe that short format content - the kind thats best suited for the net can be produced at a fraction of the cost of what it takes to make regular TV content. The attitude, style and grammar have to be different. The viewer on the net has other more interesting things to do and watch and snacking is what he wants off you. So give him things that are snacky in nature. Much like MTV India or ETC.

Most content creators in India do not seem to understand the economics of the game. is providing content creators a platform to reach an audience, we are also selling ad spots to brands who are willing to buy the space. And we share the revenue with the content creators. So if the content is great there is no limit to what they can earn. Of course we will also make money.


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