Wednesday, March 28, 2007

itz a bugs life!

They say when you get into public domain be ready to take on people who will rip you apart for things that are insignificant. is in public domain now, we have had a consistent viewership of 100000 segments per day for sometime, some 50 odd web properties subscribe to the feed. The system works. But as with anything new - its has bugs, these surface when we use the system to its max. For example we upgraded our viewer (the small window that plays the video) last night and realised that the controls get disabled for no reason when the video plays for the first time. When you replay the same video the second time at the end of the segment the controls come back alive. Strange things go on. And we are scratching around to figure out why. It seems now that the problem is at the developer level - the guys who made the basic player have a bug!!!

The viewing experience is better now. You can go full screen. Just right click and follow options. We serve a mean channel!

Last night we also were hit by somebody who wrote thus on a public forum:

"The site is very poor in navigation.
The links are not functional

It is still in Beta testing, I would advise you to set it up and functional before promoting it"

Then the guy writes in private that he did not understand the system. What can one do with him? grin and bear it I suppose.

We are ok with people who take us to task for system failures, who write in saying we suck. Then the very same ones go on and help us rectify the problems. I cannot understand the types who just denounce. is a movement and we are happy to be a part of it.

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