Friday, March 23, 2007

from april onwards

yes we are finally on our way to become a 1 hour fresh programming network.
we will be hosting various shows like:

  1. the politician (satire): introducing satyajit padhye and his puppet. satyajit plays the quintessential politician and the puppet is his alter ego
  2. gas: all bull shit...spoof on hindi films starting with rang de basanti meets himesh, the reshamiyya
  3. vardenchi mobikes: the dc of mobikes..shud become cult
  4. maestros: covering the high n mighty of indian music
  5. young icons from various fields
  6. morning buddies: comic strip, slapstick, below the belt humour
  7. dr.deepak: a doctor meets film maker meets docu-maker meets choreographer meets actor meets camera man meets editor meets singer meets music director meets assistant director meets the spot boy meets...hitting the pot..
  8. son of kbc
  9. more serious short film and many many more..

from may onwards we start
  1. india unqiue: india unexplored, unknown facets, unqiue india
  2. a comic strip animation series, on the lines of calvin & hobbes meets tom n jerry kinda stuff with indi flavour
  3. khau galli's of mumbai
  4. plus finance shows, bizness shows, ad & mktg. shows, woman centric shows, fashion related stuff etc

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