Thursday, March 05, 2009

Music Today for a fresh tomorrow on

The myth that certain genres of music do not do well on the internet is put to test by

Music Today, a division of The India Today Group has emerged as the most prestigious label in classical Indian music taking the lead in preserving and promoting India's rich musical heritage the world over.

It succeeds in presenting and making Indian classical music more accessible to newer audiences, spelt out in its innovative and editorially strong concepts and well thought out themes like Ragas from Dawn to Midnight, Songs of the Seasons and Shringar.

Music Today came onboard the platform on 9th February 2009 with the best Indian music on offer, including World Music, Sufi and Maestros.

We also look forward to their vast repertoire that includes Hindustani and Carnatic music, semi classical forms, devotional, sufi, folk, regional, wedding songs and new age music.

Founder and CEO of, Sunil R. Nair says, “There is a myth that certain genres of content do not do well on the internet. We at, have taken it up as a challenge and launched Music Today, a channel catering to World, Sufi and other forms of folk and classical music. The interesting part here is the increasing number of views since the day we launched. Today, the channel has 0.3 million views per day on an average. We are also looking forward to shows related to lifestyle and other genres from the record label. Not only will the viewers have more music to listen to, but they will also have a chance to rejuvenate themselves with the other lifestyle shows being launched in the near future on Music Today.”

About Music Today

Music Today is fast emerging as a progressive music company with a vast repertoire which includes Hindustani and Carnatic music, semi classical forms, devotional, sufi, folk, regional, wedding songs and new age music. Music Today identifies cross-musical fertilization as a new thrust area where cutting edge pop artists interface with their classical roots to generate a new contemporary Indian sound and take it to a global platform in its right perspective.

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