Tuesday, February 03, 2009

DesiYou the largest North American producer of online South Asian video content made by the South Asian community comes to the Nautanki.tv Network

Press Release:

Mumbai, February 2, 2009 – DesiYou the largest producer of South Asian video content relating to Hollywood and Bollywood in North America today went live on the Nautanki.tv Network. Most recently, DesiYou was the only online media company to interview top Indian movie stars of the international "Unforgettable Tour," Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan. DesiYou was also at the blue carpet premier of "The Love Guru" starring Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, and Justin Timberlake. DesiYou was one of the online video providers for oscar nominated "Slumdog Millionare". DesiYou covers the entertainment business - filmed & original content from both the worlds (Hollywood, Bollywood & independent) with Desi flavour from the point of view of the non resident Indian and adds local US flavour to the content making it unique from the content originating from India.
Ash Kumra CEO of DesiYou said at the launch that "As a voice of the "Desi" community; we are proud to partner with Nautanki to help promote content created by one of the most vibrant global communities. Nautanki is a leader in content distribution and monetization. We are honored to showcase original content from one of the most vibrant and powerful communities in the world"

Sunil R Nair, CEO Nautanki.tv said “Nautanki.tv reaches more people than most video portals aimed at the People of South Asian origin. It is exciting to see businesses that started out on the net move to use the Nautanki.tv ecosystem to gain traction on revenue and viewership. We hope to leverage this relationship with DesiYou to reach the advertisers in the North American markets that target the Indian community. This richly diverse community is one of the most sought after because of their buying power in those markets. With the DesiYou alliance in place we are now able to bring the point of view of the large South Asian community to the huge audience in India and help the content creators exploit the medium we have created better.”

About DesiYou
DesiYou is a leading voice of the South Asian community. They give South Asian enthusiasts an online portal to the Desi culture. Launched in March 2006, DesiYou continues to create and distribute footage that reveals the latest highlights in entertainment and lifestyle from the worlds of Hollywood and Bollywood. DesiYou are the largest North American producer of online South Asian video content made by the South Asian community.
The video content seen on DesiYou is all original and can only be found on www.desiyou.com and now on Nautanki.tv.

About Nautanki.tv:
Launched in November 2006, Nautanki.tv offers TV channels, content producers and film makers a way to bring their shows, movies and clips to Nautanki.tv and other online destination sites via a network of over 6000+ widgets placed on its partner websites. Nautanki.tv widgets are available on Facebook, Orkut, and many other destinations as well as a growing network of personal blogs, fan sites, and other Web sites where users choose to embed the Nautanki.tv widget. Currently, Nautanki.tv webcasts over 20 million original videos to over 4.5 million viewers daily.
Hungama, South Asia’s largest mobile & digital entertainment content company, recently acquired a majority stake in Nautanki.tv.

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