Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Nautanki.tv parle français, allemand, italien et espagnol maintenant.

Nautanki.tv parle français, allemand, italien et espagnol maintenant.

Nautanki.tv spricht Französisch, Deutsch, Italienisch und Spanisch jetzt.

Nautanki.tv parla francese, tedesco, italiano e spagnolo ora.

Nautanki.tv habla francés, alemán, italiano y español ahora.

(apologies for any gaffes: we blame Google Translate for them)

So its done!!! Nautanki.tv is now Global. We have a partnership with ECAVS, the European Union's Service for bringing video content on our platform for the people in Europe and also for people who speak these languages in other parts of the world.

Very soon we will be embarking on a journey of a thousand words to acquire publishers in the four languages so that the network effect takes over.

Congratulations Swati Ali - you have done achieved monumental success here. And the Team - Jeroo, Rohit, Dev, Vipul, Susmita - we must celebrate - for we truly are everywhere now!


Rohit said...

Unable to understand your Business Model and Positioning. With the name of your website as "Nautanki" and the owner as "Hungama" (Both Hindi Names), how are you planning to attract western audiences? Would they be in any way interested in this? Secondly I feel that you haven't conquered the Indian market completely yet and have started to work on the European Market.

I can understand that the ad revenues from EU, US will be higher than in India, but so is the cost of acquiring customer. And with this domain name, I think it will be even more difficult.

Waiting to hear your comments on this analysis of mine. You will of course be knowing more than me since 24*7 you are into this.

theAxe said...

hello rohit,

thank you for your comment.

A company called Nautanki and invested in by a company called Hungama will do just as well as a company called Yahoo! or another one called Google. It is only us Indians who have a problem with the name like Nautanki. Our international partners think we have a cool name and since our business model is sound they want to work with us.

We already have a sizable western audience which is the reason for the content in EU languages.

You are welcome to join us for some desi chai anytime you are in Mumbai and we can take you through the idea behind going multilingual and why the world is just a few clicks away.


Sunil R Nair
CEO, Nautanki.tv Networks