Thursday, April 26, 2007

musings from here and there

Been reading a lot of corporate bios in the hope that they would be able to put some light into the workings of businesses that have grown virally. So far have read up the ebay story, google and have dipped into the workings of Apple. One thing is sure after reading these stories - there are no secret sauces for success. Ideas have to wait for the right blend of time, money, people and circumstances to make it big. And not in the same order. A business plan cannot ever get it right. No matter what the VCs say.

nautanki has reached that sweet spot. It is viral in nature, it has a community aspect and it reaches deep into places that did not exist before. It is an ecosystem that is symbiotic in nature, where the viewer feeds the content owner who in turn makes stuff for the thousands of websites. Now one has to make it into a cult brand. Maybe do a Guy Kawasaki and find an evangelist to take to the masses. We have some 27 filmmakers who take the idea to others and now are beginning to bring in people who are not seperated by the proverbial seven degrees.

ah! that reminds me of a journalist asking me if we are going to ever change the name. The answer is a firm no. nautanki is a fine name, Indians will never forget it and the rest of the world will wonder what it means. Either ways we have top of the mind recall. Am not sure if "lets nautanki it will ever" go on to be what Google is but we can try. Maybe "chalo nautanki karein" will be the equivalent of "let us google"

My brother in arms Mr Prabhu says that if there is a word in the Indian dictionary we should have a video for it - this ambitious to say the least. But I think there is value in people searching for something in mumbai and finding a video for the same. Imagine doing it for Guwahati and Alamaty and a small city in Outer Mongolia and then getting local ads.

Like I said we are just about hitting the right spot


Let me welcome at this point Srishti Sawhney into the family. Srishti comes with an amazing career in advertising account management. She has handled clients like Coke and has some 14 years of experience in the advertising rumble. Srishti will be responsible for Ad Sales in Western and Northern India.

We are sure she loves doing nautanki once in a while!


Radhika Mohta said...

Hi! I’m a media student. I was informed about through Business Standard. Truly, this was one idea that remained ‘just another good idea’ to me, but to see it in real on the virtual world of Internet was simply amazing. Lately, I faced an interview with Googlers, the post was that of Ad word executives, but I told them that I would like to work at You Tube videos and offered them my plans for the same. I wasn’t selected though, but I’m glad that the idea in a similar manner is taking shape at our very Indian nautanki. It was April 13, 2007 when I suggested them to have a travel channel which would have programs on places as small as Hrishikesh and attract small advertisers like the local restaurant, river rafting service provider, small hotels, travel agents et all. I thought it was a pretty decent idea to become a part of the Google laboratory and once hit, it would be success. Never mind, Googlers didn’t seem to be interested in a fresh graduate’s ambitious plan. But now, when I read about your plan here, I was glad that it was worth giving a try indeed! Here’s wishing and its entire team a great success! Let’s take India to greater heights…

Sunil R Nair said...

Thank you Radhika. May we invite you to come down and share your thoughts with our team