Thursday, April 05, 2007

boss bol kya bolta hai!


We went live with 74 min. of daily/ fresh prog yesterday. God! It was some experience. Now the situation is, we have more than 60 min. of fresh content available for daily consumption and the entrire time goes in putting them together in an uniform basket... Its painful, yet fun.

This entire process of aggregation, production, packaging, marketing, capsuling, selling, promoting has made the team grow as a unit.

Now we can stand up to anybody in the content market and say, 'boss bol kya bolta hai'!

One of my producers excitedly called up saying, 'arre my content which went live yesterday has generated more than 1000 hits in just one day!, i am motivated to do more now, lets talk' that 1000 hits a day/ a content is just the tip of the ice berg which runs deeper than what one can ever imagine.

By the way, we've been approached by two of the top most media & entertainment companies, asking us if we could broadcast their content on bolta hai!

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