Saturday, May 16, 2009

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We at Nautanki have been experimenting with a few things, and one of the biggest associations and experiments that we’ve had on the drawing board for a few months is going to take off tomorrow. We’ve partnered with the biggest social networking site in the world – none other than Facebook – along with one of India’s leading Hindi news channels – Zee News – to bring a LIVE webcast of the election results, from May 16 to 18.

What’s unique? It’s only the first time in India that election results are going to be streamed live on the internet. And what’s more – it’s interactive. People will be able to leave their comments and discuss while watching the stream, real-time. Try it out yourself – the link is and the Facebook page for this event is here.

Already there’s been quite a buzz created about this. Times of India, Asian Age have written about this, so have aFaqs. Other websites on which this news is present: CIOL, WatPR, Pluggd,,, ITMAGZ and TelevisionPoint. Infact, we were the first Indian corporate to tie up with Facebook. But don’t take our word for it, ask Mid-Day!

There are going to be no advertisements during the telecast. This is a purely brand-building exercise. Facebook is trying to penetrate deeper into the Indian market to oust the incumbent, Orkut. And reaching out to a target audience in a language they are comfortable with is the strategy. And Nautanki, who has an association with Zee, is providing them the perfect platform to do so. For Zee, it’s a step to reach out to more people in the online space. For Nautanki, it’s a promotional event to show the world the possibilities that it can offer through video advertising on a network extending to close to 13000 websites, and a daily viewership of 38 million, around the world.

Let us know what you think. This is just one of many plans that Nautanki has in the pipeline. An online short-film festival and India’s first online rock music fest are on the cards for later this year.

After all, we’re more than just a video content network – we are everywhere!!!

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